Spring Gradfest: Smooth out your thesis journey

Gradfest is coming soon (27-30 Oct), full of sessions to help you on your thesis journey.

Every time I see the ads, they remind me of when I attended as a new postgrad student, hungry for information on the thesis process. I learned in the time management session, for instance, that if we didn’t schedule social interaction into our calendar, we’d end up stealing it from our thesis time. That won’t happen to me, I thought. I don’t need to socialise very much. But the presenter was right! Thesis study can be lonely—it’s important to make friends to survive and thrive. Knowing that social time is essential keeps you from feeling guilty about it, and learning to manage your schedule is a vital part of the journey.

Visit https://canterbury.libguides.com/gradfest/programme to see the many sessions on offer this time around.

-Kara, former international PhD student at UC

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