Prepare for the voyage! Spring Gradfest 2020, 27-30 October

When entering into such a massive undertaking as a Master’s or PhD, you know from the beginning that it’s going to be challenging.

When you start, it looks like you have to canoe across a river to the opposite bank (which you can see, by the way), but then it becomes like a 3-5 year cross-ocean voyage where you have to be the captain, the cook and the counsellor. And build the boat!

In situations like this, even if you’re doing great (and especially if you’re not), all you can do is arm yourself with as much information as possible so that you can help yourself get through.

Enter GradFest, a week-long event held twice a year with classes and workshops designed to help you with everything from practical research and writing skills to career planning and well-being. You’ll hear from academic and support staff from across the campus, and have numerous chances to share notes and stories with your fellow travelers.

Everyone’s journey is different, but the classes, workshops and social events on offer are varied and extremely useful – check out the programme here!

Gradfest will arm you with information and help you come out the other end of your course with a smile on your face.

Good luck on your postgraduate journey,
Louise, former UC PhD student

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