Staying safe

For UC, it’s important that everyone in our community stays safe. Here’s the essential information on where to get help, what to do in an emergency, and how you can help to keep UC a safe place. 


UC Security staff are on campus 24/7. You can contact the team any time by phoning 0800 823 637 – it’s a good idea to save this number in your phone.

  • If something happens to you or someone you know, get to a safe place if you can, call UC Security, or call someone you know and trust and they can help you to take the next step. Find out more>
  • If you notice any suspicious behaviour on campus, always report it to UC Security. No matter how minor it may appear, you could be helping to prevent an incident.
  • Feel free to approach UC Security staff if you need assistance. They know their way around campus really well and will be happy to help you.
  • If you have a medical emergency, call Security. All UC Security staff are trained in first aid.

Help towers

The 13 help towers across campus will put you in contact with the UC Security team. They’re easy to use – push the black button for information and the red button in an emergency.

Reporting hazards and injuries 

Report any hazard you notice to UC Security by calling
0800 823 637. If you have an accident or near miss, call Security
and let them know or tell a lecturer or a staff member.


One way you can look after yourself and others is by downloading UCGO and using the Campus Safety tool to: 

  • call UC Security directly from the app
  • get access to emergency info
  • receive notifications about campus-wide emergencies

Safety tips 

  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Travel with a friend whenever possible.
  • Always use well illuminated walkways and recommended walking routes at night. 
  • Ensure that all vehicles are locked when parked.

Support at UC

If you need to talk someone about anything, there are support services here for you at UC.

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