Enrol now for PACE225: Workplace Skills and Corporate Social Responsibility (Semester 1)

Develop workplace skills as you create a project proposal for Hawkins (a national construction company) in connection with an upcoming school build in Christchurch. Interactive workshops will have you thinking about how Hawkins might achieve certain corporate social responsibility outcomes through effective community engagement.

This on-campus course is suitable for any student at any level interested in acquiring skills for the workplace as well as for those interested in developing an understanding of why corporations increasingly consider “purpose and people” as inseparable from “profit”.

To learn more about the course, and why it could be an important stepping stone for you towards future employment, you are encouraged to:

  • Attend an online Webinar: 1 – 1.20pm on Wednesday 27th January: register now
  • Attend an informal presentation: 1 – 1.30pm on Wednesday 17th February – Elsie Locke 104a
  • Drop in for a chat with Clare Murray (PACE Programme) in Elsie Locke 105.

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