Intro to exercise – calling all beginners!

So, you know all the benefits of exercise, and you know you should be exercising, but you haven’t started yet?  Perhaps it’s all just a little bit daunting to start?  For health & wellbeing, exercise doesn’t have to be sweaty and hard work (but it can be!).  Read on, we might have a solution for you…

Port Hills walking group
UC Students enjoying a walk in the Port Hills
Find physical activities that bring you joy  

Our new Intro to Exercise programme is designed for people just like you!  We know that ‘the gym’ is not for everyone,  and we also know that once you find an activity that brings you joy, you’re going to look forward to doing it, and you’re more likely to stick at it. And that will really help your life balance and wellbeing. Our programme will give you the opportunity to try a range of activities, and only a few of those involve the gym…and they’re all optional! 

How does it work?
  • Over five weeks, starting 1st March, there will be around 10 sessions per week on offer.
  • You can opt in to any of the sessions that appeal to you, simply by booking via the app.   
  • Pro tip: You don’t have to do all the sessions. So, if something in the programme doesn’t work for you, simply don’t opt-in for that session. 
  • It’s FREE for UC Students, however, you do have to register for the programme online first.   
  • Once you’re registered, you’ll be given access to book into the sessions via the app.
Who can do this programme?
  • The programme is targeted at anyone aged 17- 24 who would like to start exercising, and needs a little extra help. 
  • No previous fitness or sporting experience is required.  This is designed for those new to exercise. 
  • If you’re a little older than that, but still feel you need some help, don’t worry, we’ll still welcome you with open arms. 
  • Finally, most sessions are mixed but there will be some women’s only sessions offered too.  
How much?
  • Again, it’s FREE for UC Students.  
  • Not a UC Student?  There’s a small fee of $20 to cover your membership card, and then your activities are included.
  • On-site activities are free, and there’s a $2 charge for off-site activities, which covers your transport (for everyone)
  • We meet at the RecCentre for every session, so you can pay as you go.  
When does it start, and what kinds of activities are there?
  • It all kicks off from 1 March.  
  • Browse the Rec&Sport app, and look for sessions labelled Intro to Exercise 
  • Browse our website for information on the activities
  • Some of the off-site activities we’ll do include a gentle kayak down the Avon, lawn bowls, walks in the Port Hills, and aqua classes. 
  • On-site, we’ll do some learn to lift sessions & beginner level group fitness 

Don’t delay!  Head over to our website, check it out, register for the programme and then make sure you have the Rec&Sport app.   If you’ve got any questions, please contact .

Nga Mihi
UC Rec & Sport 

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