UniLife2021 – Spots Available for Law, Business, and Adult Students!

Are you a full-time first year student who doesn’t live in the halls? Looking to have some fun experiences and meet new people? UniLife might just be the thing for you!

We still have some spots available for students studying law, business, or who are over 25 🙂

With the programme, you’ll get grouped with students studying similar subjects and be mentored by senior student leaders. Throughout the year we put on lots of cool events to help make connections with peers and navigate the chaos of the student lifestyle. Weekly hangouts with your team, quiz nights, barbeques, and bowling are just some of the many things we have planned for 2021. Plus, it’s all 100% free 😁

Getting involved in UniLife is a great way to get a little more out of your fresher year and make it a memorable one. Come along to make new friends and enjoy some really great events on and off campus.

If you study law, business, or are over 25, sign up for UniLife today!

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