Intro to exercise – FREE beginners sessions for Term 2 – enrol now!

We know that you know that exercise is good. We also know that getting started is often the hardest thing to do. It can be daunting to step foot through the turnstile at the gym, let alone use the gym equipment or join the classes when you have absolutely no idea what to do?! We may have a totally FREE solution to help you with that, if you’re willing to make the first move. 

Port Hills walking group
UC Students enjoying a walk in the Port Hills
Intro to Exercise – on your terms

We’ve pulled together a range of activities, both off and on campus, designed to ease you into exercise.   

  • You choose which activities you want to try. 
  • You enrol in those activities and turn up – we provide everything you need. 
  • For some activities, it’s best to  commit to the full five weeks, but it’s ok if you can’t make all of them (read our webpages to find out why). 
  • For others, one or two sessions will be sufficient. 
  • You can have a chat to if you have any questions. 
  • The beauty of these sessions is that they are small, so you can ask all the questions you like in a workshop/class hybrid format, and they are aimed exclusively at beginners. 
  • Bring a friend!  It helps to have a buddy, and they don’t have to be member or UC Student. They just need to be over 16! See our website for more info on costs for non-UC students (hint, it’s only $20 for unlimited sessions over five weeks). 
What’s on offer, and how is it different to just coming to the gym? 
  • Beginner group fitness (lower intensity and shorter duration than our regular timetable, and we’ll build you up over five weeks). 
  • Beginner lifting (using the StartZone/Women’s Gym) to learn the basics of lifting in a private setting. Women’s only and mixed sessions available. 
  • Gym Intro (learn how to use the app, cardio and pin-loaded weights).  
  • Hill Walks/Kayaking (weekend trips around Christchurch for some uplifting gentle exercise, chat and a coffee – our shout!) 
How to register 
  • Register for the programme using our online form.  
  • We’ll be in touch to give you more information, as it relates to the information you’ve given us. 
  • Once you’re in, we’ll give you access to the sessions on the Rec & Sport app, where you’ll book into the  gym based sessions. 
  • It’s opt-in. You don’t have to do all the sessions, just the ones that interest you and that you can make.   
  • For the off-campus sessions (walking and kayaking) we’ll register and provide information outside of the app. 
  • Registrations are open now, and we will take registrations all term. Head to our website to get all the info!
  • However, these classes are limited in size, so don’t delay in registering your interest, so you can sign up for your activities and not miss out! 
  • Sessions start on Monday 3 May.  

Ngā mihi 
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec & Sport 

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