ACE – Understanding your online engagement

Back into the swing of things after the break and want to see how your online engagement is tracking? ACE is the tool for you! It shows how your engagement with online course materials is tracking and helps you to know you’re making the most of your online resources.

ACE does NOT track your grades or performance, it only tracks your engagement with LEARN and Echo360.  Your ACE Dashboard updates every three days to show your latest engagement level.

Your engagement level increases each time you engage with different activities in LEARN, such as participating in a forum, downloading lecture notes, completing a quiz, or submitting an assignment. We know that courses might have different amounts of materials on LEARN, but by comparing your engagement (the dark green line) to the average engagement of your classmates (the light green band), you’ll be able to see whether you’re all engaging at a similar level.

All undergraduates can access ACE through the LEARN homepage.

You can check how your engagement is tracking in each of your courses by clicking on the course name at the top of your ACE Dashboard.

If you’re in your first year of study here at UC, and your engagement drops in one or more of your courses, you may be contacted by the ACE team. The ACE team’s aim is to connect with students who might benefit from support to get their engagement back on track.

You can learn more by checking out our ACE FAQs.

Any questions? Get in touch with us here> 






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