Technology Planned Outage – Firewall Replacement starting Friday 2 July

What’s happening?
The existing Firewall is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

The Firewall is a network security system that monitors, and controls, incoming and outgoing network traffic based on security rules.

How does this affect me?
UC internet access will go through periodic outages of 10-15 minutes.

The impact will be:
• Outages to internet services and connectivity between Guest Networks (Undergraduate Wireless, RCC, Campus Houses) and the main Corporate LAN
• Access to resources from outside will also be unavailable e.g LEARN, websites, etc
• All of the Halls of Residences (except for College House) will experience outages as we cut over.
• Email will be delayed.

When is it happening?

Start: Friday 2 July 9:00am
End: Monday 5 July 6:00am

What should I do if I think there’s a problem afterwards?
Please contact the ITS Service Desk on +6433695000 or visit the Assyst Portal to raise a ticket

Who can I contact if I need more info?
Please contact:
Clive Keylard

Reference detail Change Number: R85335

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