Feeling over it? Advice on how to self-care in lockdown

In this virtual chat, John Kirwan and Dr Fiona Crichton go through some of the things they’ve been finding difficult about lockdown. As John notes:

“Yeah I was unusually anxious yesterday. On the first day I thought “ah stuff it, I’m not going to get up, I can’t be bothered”… which is not like me at all. And then I was really anxious last night because I am home alone, which is not like the last time either. So a few things have changed for me… but I decided to sit with that emotion and work out a bit of a plan.” 

They go over a range of helpful, simple advice to support wellbeing – like only checking the news once a day and getting outside for some exercise – and chat about anxiety and why we experience it.

Reminder: all UC students in New Zealand have free and full access to the Mentemia wellbeing app. For info on how to download and sign up using your UC email address, check out this page.

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