Maybe it’s Meant-to-be-a? No, it’s Mentemia!

This lockdown took us all by surprise. It was sudden, and forced what felt like ‘a sense of normality’ over the last year to a complete halt. You might be feeling unsettled, anxious or ‘out of sorts’, and that’s ok – that’s what happens when we are forced to adapt in uncertain circumstances. In fact, it would be a bit odd if you hadn’t experienced those feelings in some way. 

On top of lockdown reality, we are bombarded with the noise of media on our devices. However, we do have the control to make our digital space a positive one. As a UC student, you have a free subscription to the full version of the Mentemia app. This is an interactive space, filled with tools to support wellbeing. 

Mentemia is grounded on 6 kaupapa. They refer to these as ‘The 6 Pillars’: Chill, Do, Connect, Move, Celebrate & Enjoy. Maintaining our hauora throughout lockdown looks and feels different for everyone. The ‘6 Pillars’ encourage us to assess how we’re really doing and identify what may be lacking. 

A key feature of the app, which has proven to be very effective for students, is ‘The Worry Map.’ This tool seeks to replace those irrational thoughts with perspective and clarity. It only takes one minute of your time!

So, if you haven’t already, we would encourage you to download Mentemia, even if you’re skeptical. There is something for everyone on there. 

Ngā mihi nui,

Isabella Stringer
UC Wellbeing Intern

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