Six tips for how best to use the RecCentre in Alert Level 2

The RecCentre is open in Alert Level 2 so you can get back to your exercise routine, or maybe start a new one! To keep everyone safe, there are a few new rules to follow, and you can check out all the updates on our website.  For now, here’s the key stuff you need to know:

Three students in yoga class doing tree pose

  1.  Mask on or off?

Both! We ask you to wear your mask when entering or exiting the building, and when transitioning between rooms or waiting for your activity.  Once you start exercising, you can remove your mask. Being practical – you don’t have to take it on/off between sets, that’s just too much admin.

2.  2m is the safe distance EVERYWHERE

We need everyone to do their best maintaining 2m distance from everyone else in the facility. We’ve done what we can to help you,   by taping off or removing equipment from use, and putting handy little tape marks on the floor for group fitness and lining up. We’ve also taped the floor to indicate where mobile equipment should stay (like benches and bikes), so please try to avoid moving them.

3.  Tracing is mandatory

We are required to track everyone entering our facility, so you can be traced quickly and easily if need be.  For that reason, it is timely to remind you to bring your membership card for every visit – this way you can.

Hot tip – download the Rec&Sport app, and you can store your membership barcode in your app, so you’ll never be without it, because who forgets their phone?

4. Sanitise, then sanitise again!

Washing and sanitising our hands is still one of the best tools we have for preventing the spread. We have sanitising stations EVERYWHERE!  Please use them, especially on your way in and out of the building, and then whenever you like to top up.  Handily, we also have bathrooms so you can be extra and wash your hands if you prefer.

Side note – rest easy, our cleaning regimen is solid. The UC cleaners give the facility a solid clean every day,  our team fogs the entire gym with disinfectant 3x per day and we apply germshield once per week to all surfaces. There’s plenty of spray bottles and cloths around -please help us, and clean up after yourself too.

5.  To book or not to book?

Both! Bookings are essential for Group Fitness classes, via the Rec&Sport app. Class size has been reduced (to get that all important 2m spacing), so book early to avoid disappointment. Be courteous and unbook as soon as you know you can’t make it, so others can take your place.

We don’t require bookings for using the gym. But we do have occupancy limits for each and every space (like 40 in the fitness centre, and 10 in the FunZone). So, please look for the signs at the entry to those spaces, and adhere to the limits.

6.  Ask us for help!

We do have more staff rostered on, so there is always someone around to ask for help. So, if your favourite piece of equipment isn’t available, we can give you an alternative option on the fly.  Easy. We would also like your feedback on how we can make it better for you, with these new rules.  Email us or tell us in person!

If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please get in touch! We look forward to seeing you in-gym real soon, so you can stay active and well.

Ngā mihi
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 


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