Attention Research PGs! Complete the UC Postgrad Questionnaire today!

Are you a Masters thesis or PhD student? This news is for you! The UC Postgrad Experience Questionnaire is now running. Heaps of great prizes are up for grabs, including a grand prize of a $1,000 NZ travel voucher!

What is the UCPEQ?

The UC Postgrad Experience Questionnaire, also known as the UCPEQ, is a confidential survey that’s designed and specifically distributed for our postgraduate research students. This once biannual survey is now being run annually and will ask you about Postgrad life. The UCPEQ topics include quality of the learning environment, supervision and resources, skills development, and more. Additionally, perceptions of the social environment and services on campus are captured.

What happens with the data?

Data is used university-wide to improve your experience as a postgrad research student. Recent data has led to improved resources for postgraduates, including computer resources, the establishment of a Doctoral orientation programme and skills training sessions and, most recently, developing a proposal for a Graduate School at UC.

How long is the survey open for?

The survey is open until 26 October. 

Find your personal link in your postgrad email inbox, or contact the Surveys Team at

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