End of year exams – Personal Timetable

As we head towards end-of-year exams, hopefully you’ve found a good study routine and you’re making time to take care of you. You’ve got this! 

The Examinations Office will be sending out your final Personal Timetable e-mail on Friday 22 October.  This will include the date/time, duration, type of exam, room (if any) and the exam conditions or each of your exams.  

  • Find more information about exams here> 
  • If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Examinations team.

On-campus exams: You’ll be able to sit your exams on-campus, at the dates/times scheduled unless there are reasons outside of your control, eg students studying from overseas or students enrolled in (D) courses who do not live within 90 minutes’ drive of Christchurch. The examiner will give you a Zoom supervision.

If your exam is scheduled into a campus room and you’re unable to sit on-campus, please contact the Examinations team.

Exams invigilated/supervised on Zoom or using Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor: Refer to your course LEARN page.  If you are using Respondus, you’ll need to download this onto your computer and take the Practice Quiz about a week before to your exam. You may be contacted by the examiner about this. 

Students studying from overseas: Your location and the adjusted start times will be on your Personal Timetable.  Please contact the Examinations team if you need more information or have any questions. 

Booking a seat in a quiet room to take your on-line exam: Most exams are on-line and can be sat anywhere. However, the Examinations Office is running a small number of quiet rooms on-campus. You can either bring your own device or book a space in a computer lab.  If you would like to book a place, you can do so here> 

Pokapū Pūkenga Ako | Academic Skills Centre support
For assistance with revision and exam prep, stress management and other academic matters, contact the team at the Academic Skills Centre. They’re here to help! 



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