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Help a student out – Research participants needed

Experience psychology of language by participating in an interesting reaction time experiment. I am looking for English Monolingual (people who speak English only) students aged 18 – 30 years old to take part.

The task is simple – All you have to do is name a word followed by pressing a key. The task will take no longer than 50 minutes and will be carried out Monday to Friday at the Psychology building. Participants will receive a $15 voucher.

If you would like to be involved, please contact: Sandila Tanveer:

Attention, Anglais Bilingues Français

If you can read the title, your participation is needed for a research project.

English-French bilinguals aged 18-30 years are urgently required for participation in a research project. If you are a native English speaker who also speaks French as a second language then this is your chance to participate in a research project.

The task is simple – All you have to do is name a word followed by pressing a key. The research will take no longer than 75 minutes and be carried out Monday – Friday at the Psychology building. Participants will receive $30 for their participation.

For further information contact
Sandila Tanveer

UC RecCentre – Memberships in the New Year

Keep your membership at the UC RecCentre activated in 2017 by following these instructions.

When does my gym membership finish?
The good news is that all students who signed up for a free student gym membership in 2016, can continue to enjoy the benefits of using the RecCentre until March 1st, 2017. It’s a great time to use the gym and get settled in again, the classes are smaller and the gym floor is way less busy!

Returning to study in 2017? You MUST RENEW your membership!
From Feb 1st (not before, or you’ll have to do it again!) you simply fill in the online registration and sign up again. This will ensure you have uninterrupted access to the centre and all of it’s facilities and services.

Not returning to study in 2017, but remaining in Christchurch?
After March 1st, you can still join the UC RecCentre. Anyone can join, and we offer discounts for alumni (graduates) and non-UC students. Joining a gym is a real investment of time and money, so we strongly recommend you do some research and look around other gyms to see if we will be the right fit for you in this next phase of life. To keep a steady routine, it really helps to have a gym located near to your work or home, or it can become a chore to make it to the gym, and no-one wants that! Be sure to consider parking, contract terms, lump sum or direct debit options, staff training/quality, are the classes at the right times for you, do they have what you’re after, and of course, does the place ‘just feel right’ when you walk in? We’re confident that we offer fantastic value, but you can be the judge!

Whatever your choice for 2017, we hope you have an excellent year and smash some health & fitness goals!
UC RecCentre Team