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Drinking? Tips to keep yourself safe

When drinking alcohol it’s important to keep safe and look after yourself and others.

Check out the tips below:

Pace yourself

  • Keep track of how much alcohol you’re drinking. If you’re at a party, wait until your glass is empty before you refill – otherwise you’ll lose track of what you’ve drunk.
  • Avoid mixing your drinks.
  • Make them singles not doubles.
  • Start later.
  • Try a “spacer” instead of a “chaser”. Make every second drink a non-alcoholic one.
  • Take smaller sips.
  • Put your glass down between sips.

Look after yourself

  • Always make sure to eat before and while you’re drinking
  • Know your limit. Learn to refuse a drink.
  • Take a break from drinking.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Nominate a designated driver with a full licence who can drive you and your mates home and keep a sober eye on the party.
  • Plan your night. Plan ahead, arrange a safe way home, a place to stay and let someone know where you are at all times.
  • Look out for yourself and your mates.
  • Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know.

Hosting a party?

If you are hosting a party register your party on Good One. Good One is all about helping you have a great party without things getting hairy. Check out their website for more information and tips on being a great host.

Check out for additional tips on being a great host.

Taking care of your wellbeing during the return to campus

The last few months have been challenging and it’s okay if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. After spending the majority of last semester away from campus, we are gradually returning to normal. But sometimes even positive change can be disruptive to our wellbeing and feel a little scary. 

For some, the thought of coming back to campus may be exciting, for others this may cause anxiety and uncertainty. It’s okay however you’re feeling, we’re all adjusting at our own pace.

If you’d like some support there are some great services available for you here at UC

Practising good self-care is a great way to enhance wellbeing and to help manage any feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

Check out these self-care tips for some ideas:

Wellbeing tips for the holidays

Exams are over and it is time to enjoy a well-deserved break!

During the holidays it is important to continue to look after you and your wellbeing.

Here are some tips on staying well during the holidays…

  • Prioritise me time
  • Connect with others
  • Be mindful about what you eat and your alcohol consumption
  • Enjoy those sleep ins
  • Be active and do something that you love
  • Stick to your budget as best as possible
  • Most importantly have fun!