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Do you know the Code?

The UC community is a close-knit group of people committed to creating a campus culture of understanding, inclusiveness and caring. Ākonga Tū, Ākonga Ora.

The Student Code of Conduct is a key document that reflects our values. When you enrolled at UC you would have agreed to comply with UC’s regulations and policies, including the Student Code of Conduct.

Get to know the Code

Your time at UC is an opportunity to not only gain academic knowledge and skills, but to live independently, meet new people and get involved in new experiences that help you grow both professionally and personally.

As a student, you’ll try new things, make mistakes and learn from them, but you still have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe and not bring UC into disrepute. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at Know the Code which sets out your rights and responsibilities and aligns with the Student Code of Conduct. It highlights the partnership between UC and students to provide a safe learning, living and working environment.

It’s all about knowing your responsibilities, keeping yourself safe and looking out for your mates and the UC community. 


Raise a concern

You can voice a concern, complaint, grievance, or appeal a decision, without fear of disadvantage. Your discussions will be confidential and no action will be taken without your consent. See more information about raising a concern.

You can report any form of harassment or bullying by making a formal complaint or reporting it anonymously online using Report It. Complaints are kept on file and used to build a picture of the culture on campus and to inform initiatives.


Support services on campus

Support services are here to help you if you would like support or someone to talk to. Read about support at UC.

More information about the Student Code of Conduct is available here

UC Student Blogger | Best cafe spots on campus

Interested in where the best places are on campus to satisfy your caffeine addiction or grab the best food deal? One of our UC Student Bloggers shares their favourite top three spots:  


Cafe 1894

I’ve tried and tested just about all the cafes on the UC campus, and Cafe 1894 (which you can find in the Undercroft) is my top choice. Their bagels are to die-for, and they also have the best gluten-free brownie on campus. No matter if they’re super busy or you get in before the rush, your drinks and food are always prepared super quick! The prices are also good because you can use your V-Plate discount. 


It would be rude not to mention UC’s very own bar with delicious and fresh sushi. You can find Oishii in the Undercroft under the Central Library. They’ve got welcoming inside seating options if you don’t want to sit outside. You can also get your V-Plate discount here too, which makes it more affordable and all sushi gets slashed to half price after 3pm!


Therapy, which you can find in Rehua, is my favourite cafe on campus to meet up for a coffee catch-up as they’ve got excellent seating options – you can sit where there’s a lot of buzz or sit where it’s quite quiet. The staff are lovely and never ask you to move on even when you’ve spent an hour and a half sipping one coffee.


What you think? What’s your favourite spot on campus? Check out the full list of cafes here>

PS Don’t miss out on your V-Plate discount – download the UCGO app to get your barcode, or find out more here>

Play it safe this winter

Frosty mornings and long, cold nights…we’re really in winter now. Travelling on icy roads and dark streets can be tricky, so make sure you check these top tips to stay safe on campus:

  • Driving: Make sure you fully defrost your windows before you set off, and make sure your vehicle is locked when you park it
  • Biking: Wear plenty of layers. Make sure you can be seen by using a white/yellow head light and red tail light – some fluro clothing is a good idea too. Take care if it is wet and slippery on the road (road paint can be especially slippery when wet), and be careful in areas that don’t get sun during winter days.
  • Walking / footpath users: If you are walking, scootering or skateboarding, take care moving on painted surfaces and in areas that shady. Consider your footwear, use handrails when you can and if it would be safer walk on grass during frosty mornings.

If you’re on campus at night:

  • Avoid walking alone at night
  • Travel with a mate if possible
  • Use well-lit walkways and recommended routes at nighttake a look at the Safe walk map
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point, or spot any unusual behaviour, call UC Security on 0800 823 637