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Big-ups to Student Success volunteers

Last night the Student Success team hosted a group of the almost 300 students who have worked with us in a variety of volunteer and casual roles so far this year at a Student Appreciation Night.

Staff team members reversed the roles for a night and served drinks and canapes to the students and some University staff. Entertainment was provided in the form of live music and then improvised comedy from the hilarious Court Jesters.

Student Appreciation Night

Did you know that Student Success services include: 


Academic Skills Centre

Careers, Internships and Employment

Disability Resource Service

Student Care

Student Experience

Student Transitions and Engagement

UC RecCentre

UC Sport


You can do it! Stress management workshop – 30 May

Whether it’s your first exam or your tenth, you want to do well.

No matter how much you study, exams are still a challenging part of uni life. So remember that it’s important to look after yourself, both physically and mentally. For some people, that might mean doing yoga. For others, it might mean taking a walk around campus to clear the mind.

Too much nervousness and anxiety can prevent you from doing your best, but fortunately you can learn ways to help yourself manage stress. The UC Health Centre will be presenting a Stress Management Workshop on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 at 12.00pm in room 308 of the Puaka-James High Central Library (right next door to the Academic Skills Centre) to teach you how to recognise signs of stress and manage it. You will learn how to deal with issues like fatigue, anxiety, and sleep problems. Stress management skills will come in handy throughout your life, so it’s never too early to learn!

Academic Skills Centre Team

Sign up: revision and exam preparation course 30-31 May

Ever notice how the end of term comes surprisingly fast? Suddenly you might be knee-deep in assignments with exams on the horizon, wondering how you’ll get everything done.

Know that you’re not alone. Exams are part of the cycle of uni life, and it’s normal to feel some anxiety about them. You probably have a lot of material to go through for your courses—if you want help with preparing, be sure to check out the Revision and Exam Preparation course at the Academic Skills Centre next week over Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 May – just 50 minutes each.  The course offers practical advice on:

  • Smart study habits
  • Tips to aid memory
  • Strategies for during an exam

This course will also help you learn about how your memory works and how to use that to your advantage to revise.

Spoiler: cramming is not the best for your brain! You’ll be more prepared if you know what’s expected, so come along to sharpen up your skills.

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