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2017 timetable available now!

Thinking about your timetable for next year? Well think no longer. The 2017 timetable is now live via the Course Information System and Timetable Publisher. The Timetable Publisher allows you to pick courses to see how they work together in a timetable.

And, once you are enrolled/pre-enrolled for 2017, you will be able to see your individual timetables in My Timetable.

Bibliotherapy: can you read yourself happy?

Bibliotherapist Hephzibah Anderson says “Reading has been proven to sharpen analytical thinking, enabling us to better discern patterns – a handy tool when it comes to the often baffling behaviour of ourselves and others. But fiction in particular can make you more socially able and empathetic.

Last year, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology published a paper showing how reading Harry Potter made young people in the UK and Italy more positively disposed towards stigmatised minorities such as refugees.

And in 2013, psychologists at the New School for Social Research found that literary fiction enhanced people’s ability to register and read others’ emotions.” Read the full article on BBC Culture, and head to your campus library to see what’s on display for Mental health Awareness Week.





Spending time in nature is great for your wellbeing.

Nearly 50% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. Research has shown that spending time in nature is great for mental and physical health. Evidence proves it makes us happier, decreases feelings of depression and anxiety, improves concentration, buffers against stress, makes our lives meaningful and reduces health inequalities related to poverty.


Click here or on the map below to view an awesome way to connect with nature right here on campus.