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How to make the most of your study break

When I was a student here (not too long ago), study break was always so mysterious. When should I be studying? What should I study for? Where should I study? Should I spend the week skiing? (not advised). So, I’m going to put together a few of my top tips to help you help yourself this study break.

Prioritise – study break is all about time management. The unstructured nature of the week means that you are left to your own devices and that might seem groovy, but things can get away from you quite easily if you aren’t prepared. Think about how your exams are spread out and how this might impact the timing of your study break. Some exams might require more prep than others, and that is ok! Let that inform your study break plan. Things don’t need to be planned down to the minute, but a rough guideline can be helpful! Try not to freak out if things don’t go to plan or run to schedule, this is normal too!

Location, location, location – we all know that some study areas in UC are hot real estate when it comes to study week. You know those booths in Puaka-James Hight and Eng Core? Those are UC’s equivalent to Merivale mansions. Not getting into one of those booths isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there are many other cool study spaces on campus. Working out what kind of space suits you best is key, some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of a café or the main floor of the library and others work best in a quiet, controlled space such as the silent floors. Spoiler alert – UC Wellbeing has partnered with HealthSoc to provide a quiet study space next week in the Community Hub in Rehua. Food and drink will be provided alongside some de-stress activities to help you break up the day.

Relaxing is allowed, remember! Don’t forget to balance out all of the hard mahi with some activities that bring you joy and recharge your batteries. These activities are different for everyone. An idea for how you could do this on-campus might be spending some time in Waiutuutu Community Garden.

Reach out for help if you need it – there are many different services on campus that are here to help you and could offer some support to you around this time. If you’re stressed or anxious about exams and want to talk, you can book an appointment with one of our Atawhai Ākonga | Student Care advisors. They can help you to find ways to manage your feelings and turn things around.

If you’re concerned about yourself, please talk to your GP. Te Whare Hauora | UC Health Centre also offers emergency counselling support in person or you can call 03 369 4444 to be transferred to a registered nurse answering service. You will be triaged by a registered nurse who will give advice or refer you to an appropriate service (s).

Wishing you the very best with your study break and exams,

George Haswell (he/him)
Kaihāpai Oranga | Health and Wellbeing Promoter

What do you call a jacket that catches on fire? A blazer! – Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Fashion Revolution Week 2021 may be over, but it’s not the end for us all to keep thinking about #whomademyclothes and #swapdontshop

Thanks to UC Sustainability, UC Wellbeing, OpSoc and the amazing team at the Te Rua Makerspace for helping make some awesome events happen last week!

We had heaps of students participate in the clothes swap – we hope you were able to take home some pre-loved goodies!

We also ran the darning and alterations workshop – a big thank you to local creative Steven Junil Park for coming along and sharing some valuable tips and tricks on how to make your clothes last!

If you didn’t manage to get along to these events, don’t fret! You can still contribute to fashion sustainability in many different ways. Head over to UC Sustainability on Facebook or Instagram to find out more or check out our interactive Opshop Map here

Darn! Do you have clothes that need fixing?

Don’t throw out clothes with small holes and tears, come and learn how you can fix them at home!

UC Sustainability in partnership with OpSoc, UCSA and UC Wellbeing are running a darning and alterations workshop this Thursday 6th May from 10am-12pm in the Te Rua Makerspace, located in Puaka-James Hight L2.

Bring along your clothes (maybe some you picked up at the Clothes Swap on Wednesday) and our talented creatives will show you how to either darn (hand-sew) or use the sewing machines to alter and/or mend your clothes. How exciting!

#lovedclotheslast #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes