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Hayley has recently graduated from UC with a Bachelor of Arts with first class Honours in Media and Communication. She is now working as a Communications Assistant in the Communication and Stakeholder Relations department at UC.

All Black Kieran Read congratulates graduates and welcomes new students to UC

Kieran Read, UC student and All Black
Kieran Read, UC student and All Black

Did you know that All Black Kieran Read is a UC student? Well, now you do. He has actually been a student since 2005. As you can imagine, a career as an All Black (and a Crusader), as well as having a young family would make studying pretty tough…and we thought we were busy! But with the help of his supervisor and Acting Head of the School of Sport and Physical Education, Glen Fyall, Kieran has slowly been chipping away at his sports coaching degree.

As the summer intern at UC’s Communications and Stakeholder Relations (CSR) department, I got to meet Kieran and chat about his UC experience so far. Despite his hectic schedule, Kieran stressed the importance of having some sort of plan for life after rugby, hence the significance of his study towards a sports coaching degree here at UC. When asked if he planned on coaching rugby, Kieran was hesitant to commit, saying it was too stressful and suggested “maybe cricket or something” would be more appealing.

On his time as a student at UC, Kieran began like so many of us – in a cold flat. “The Canterbury Rugby Union put me up in this flat when I came down – very cold, old villa…wasn’t the best. So by the time it got into winter we had to move out (laughs). It was too cold.” Now, several years later, he presumably resides in more suitable accommodation and hopes to complete his degree in the coming year.

To of this week’s graduates Kieran said, “Congratulations to everyone who is graduating; it’s a massive achievement. It’s probably only the start of your life so enjoy what you’ve done, but know that you can take the University of Canterbury going forward [for] what you do in your career…good luck for that and enjoy it”.
And for UC’s new students in 2015, be encouraged by Kieran’s love for UC; “I love Canterbury, the region, and certainly the University. It’s great you know, the thing that they’re doing, trying to get me to finish my degree (laughs), which is taking a long time but, you know, I’ll get there in the end. It’s an awesome place to be, and study, and enjoy life.”