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Become a UniLife Kaitaki Ākonga | Student Leader in 2022

About UniLife
UniLife is a programme run by students for first-year undergraduate students who do not live in a hall of residence. The programme is designed to optimise your success by facing common challenges together and sharing strategies to combat common pitfalls. Kaitaki Ākonga | Student Leaders organise regular events and activities for their team that provide a fun, social space for students to make connections. UniLife helps students get connected with the clubs and societies that are right for them, and guides them on when and how to seek help when the going gets tough.

The role of Kaitaki Ākonga | Student Leader on UniLife
As a Kaitaki Ākonga | Student Leader on UniLife, you will be allocated a group of students and support them during their first year at UC. You will establish strong, trusting relationships with your students, guide them through academic and personal challenges they might face, hang out with them at fun events you organise with your fellow Kaitaki Ākonga | Student Leaders, and be their point of contact for any issues that may arise.

In order for you to step into this role, we take you on a two-day training retreat on February 9th and 10th and mentor you closely throughout the year in our professional development programme, Ākonga Leadership Incubator. You will be involved in planning and delivering the UniLife programme and will develop your organisational, leadership, and interpersonal skills significantly. This is a paid position.

How to apply
Have a read through the position description and submit your application through UC’s online job portal.

Please upload the following to the job portal: 
• CV
• Letter of Motivation (appr. 500 words, tips for your letter of motivation)

Please indicate in the file name that you are applying for UniLife, e.g. “UniLife Kaitaki Ākonga _Janina Good_CV”; this will make it much easier for us to sort through the applications. Thanks!

Application deadline: Friday, 10 September 2021. Interviews will be held in late September. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Janina Good
Kaitohutohu Akiaki Ākonga | Student Experience Advisor 

UniLife2021 – Spots Available for Law, Business, and Adult Students!

Are you a full-time first year student who doesn’t live in the halls? Looking to have some fun experiences and meet new people? UniLife might just be the thing for you!

We still have some spots available for students studying law, business, or who are over 25 🙂

With the programme, you’ll get grouped with students studying similar subjects and be mentored by senior student leaders. Throughout the year we put on lots of cool events to help make connections with peers and navigate the chaos of the student lifestyle. Weekly hangouts with your team, quiz nights, barbeques, and bowling are just some of the many things we have planned for 2021. Plus, it’s all 100% free 😁

Getting involved in UniLife is a great way to get a little more out of your fresher year and make it a memorable one. Come along to make new friends and enjoy some really great events on and off campus.

If you study law, business, or are over 25, sign up for UniLife today!