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Start of works on von Haast building

On 24 July the University will hand the von Haast building over to Dominion Constructors Ltd for demolition, and erection of hoardings around the site will begin.

There has been a change to the programme that was advised late last year. Demolition will now proceed from the southern to the northern end. This is to enable the contractors to gain access to the  foundations at the south end of the building as soon as possible to enable early installation of the timber frame.

There will inevitably be noisy works during the demolition phase that may impact in different ways upon staff and students in the vicinity, however we are working with the contractors to ensure these impacts cause as little disruption and inconvenience as possible. We have produced a timeline of demolition and construction activities to indicate what can be expected, and when. During exam periods, we will work closely with the exam teams and the main contractor to ensure noise is reduced.

As demolition proceeds, dust will be managed on site with water as required, however it is unavoidable that some noise and vibration will be felt by those in the immediate area.

As the works move through the demolition phase into construction of the new building, there will also be changes to pedestrian routes around the site in three stages. These can be viewed on-line here, but rest assured that north-south access will be maintained at all times throughout the project.

This represents an exciting milestone for the University as we begin work on the central building that will draw together all the elements of our magnificent new Science precinct. A process that began with construction of the new Biological Sciences building pre-earthquake, followed by refurbishment of the old Zoology building and culminating most recently, with construction of the soon-to-be completed RRSIC building at the centre of campus.

When this new Stage 2 building is completed, more than $300 million will have been invested in the precinct from University funds, Crown Capital contribution and insurance settlements, and we look forward to producing many future scientists of the same calibre as those UC has produced in the past.

You can find more details of the new building here.


UC gets it Fair Trade badge!

We supprt Fair Trade

The University has just been recognised as a Fair Trade University by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

UC students were behind the original introduction of Fair Trade coffee onto campus, even back before the earthquakes. It’s now in every UCSA café at both Ilam and Dovedale, and with the UC Council’s endorsement, now in every UC kitchen and staff room.

Every student who drinks tea, coffee or hot chocolate on campus should feel proud for playing a part in making a difference on a global scale.

By supporting Fair Trade products, you are helping to ensure that workers in coffee and tea plantations in developing countries receive basic humanitarian services like good health, clean water, decent wages and schooling for their children.

Come and join us in the Undercroft on 8 August between 12.00pm and 1.00pm when you can check out the Fair Trade stalls and taste the different teas and coffees on offer under the Fair Trade brand.

Uni-cycle update – May 2017

Work on the Dovedale Ave section of the Uni-Cycle Route has commenced. The existing footpath will be replaced with a 3.5m shared path which will impact the on-street parking during construction. The work is scheduled to take 8 weeks, and once this section is completed, the majority of on-street parking will remain.

Works on Ilam Fields have been delayed due to the poor weather but the final section is to be asphalted this week with some line marking and remedial landscaping work to follow.

The entrance to University Drive off Ilam Road is being prepared for a new crossing which will allow cyclists and pedestrians to travel more directly from Ilam Fields onto University Drive. Work on the western side of Ilam Road road will be completed by the end of May. Work on the eastern side will then begin to create the separated facility. All works on Ilam Road are expected to be complete at the end of June.

Work on the western side of Clyde Road is nearing completion with asphalt to be laid this week. This will provide the much needed tie in for pedestrians and cyclists to the new facility on University Drive.  Work will then commence on the intersection of Clyde Road and Hinau Street.

Modifications to the intersections along the neighbourhood greenway being built between Clyde Road and Riccarton Bush are underway and will continue until the end of June.

The CCC is looking forward to opening the whole section of this route in early July and thanks everyone for their continued patience.