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Old von Haast – Demolition update

Hard demolition of the old Von Haast building will commence the first week of March and continue through to the end of April. It is expected that noise will peak in mid-March and mid-April with the removal of the foundation slabs and the back filling of these spaces.

A protective walkway is being built between the demolition site, the School of Biological Sciences and the Central Lecture Theatres. Please note that during this demolition phase the pathways around the demolition may change due to temporary closures and/or spotters may be put in place. Please obey any signage or instructions given by the spotters. These are in place to keep everyone safe.

The UC Earthquake Commemorative Pathway and Sculpture – 22 Feb

In 2015, the UC Council decided to mark the beginning of the Unicycle pathway through the Ilam campus with a sculpture that commemorated the Canterbury earthquakes. 

On 22 February this year, that sculpture will be unveiled on the seventh anniversary of the February 2011 earthquake – to remember the tragic events that took place in our city on that day and to acknowledge the courage and contribution of the University community following those events.

The sculpture tells a story of remembrance, and depicts a community ritual that has emerged from a tragedy that is now an inherent part of the heritage of Christchurch. It has been designed for the University by Māori artist Riki Manuel. 

The sculpture depicts a koru facing down, as it represents a life taken before fully grown. The undulating surface is rippled, to represent the river Ōtākaro Avon and a series of brass roses, cherry blossom and daffodils on top represent those flowers which the people of Ōtautahi Christchurch throw onto the river each year, in memory of that fateful day.

You are warmly invited to join with us for a short ceremony at 10.30am at the Clyde Road end of University Drive for the unveiling, to be followed by a short walk to the Recreation Centre bridge where we will throw flowers onto Ōtākaro. These will then flow down into the city in time for the formal remembrance service at the National Earthquake Memorial in Central Christchurch at 12.30pm.

RRSIC Stage 2 – protective walkway

Dominion Constructors will commence erection of a protective walkway to go between the RRSIC Stage 2 demolition project and  the Central Lecture Theatres on Thursday at 6:00 am. The work will continue through Friday, with completion scheduled for Saturday.

Contractors  will  stop work for approximately 15 minutes at the start and end of lectures and they will have spotters in place while working to ensure the safety of both staff and students.

Please be advised that this work is necessary to ensure the safety of the University community through the duration of the demolition of the building, which is scheduled to commence in the following week.

We apologise for any inconvenience.