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We invite your comments about all the libraries at the University of Canterbury. The library is open to keep this a friendly and engaging environment for all of our fans.

How to use the library in summer

We know that over summer the library is the furthest thing from your mind. After all, Burrows and Carter Statute Law isn’t exactly a relaxing beach read (but power to you if it is).

You may not realise that there is more to the library then fighting over high demand books and finishing your essays at 10pm. In fact, there are a few ways you can make the most out of the library during the summer break. First up, books!

Yes I know, seems obvious, but do you actually know just how many different types of books we have. There is a range of fiction across the four libraries including gripping detective stories, New Zealand and Māori fiction, the classics and of course new titles.

Or perhaps you’re spending time entertaining kids these holidays and have already seen Moana four times. The Education Library has picture books for the younger ones as well as Junior and Young Adult Fiction for the older readers (or for yourself, YA for life!)

2If you’re still not in the right head space to pick up a book, check out our DVD collection. There are some fantastic movies and TV series hiding in there that are perfect for those rainy Christchurch days.

While it’s great to see your family over the holidays, it’s also nice to have some time to yourself. The library is pretty quiet over summer and there are plenty of bean bags to relax into. Bring a book, your laptop or just have a nap, we won’t judge and we certainly won’t disturb.

Why not learn a language or new skill. Have you been making resolutions each year to brush up on that High School Japanese? Maybe you always wanted to learn how to knit, expand your cooking skills, or are trying to become the next NZ hottest home baker. Have a look on our catalogue for something you’re interested in, or talk to one of our library staff.

You have four libraries at your disposal, so take advantage of them this summer.

Summer movies at the Library

1Did you know the Library has an awesome range of movies and documentaries on DVD available to borrow?

Feature movies (Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel), Children’s Movies (WALL-E, The Hobbit), TV Series (Bro-town, Mad Men), NZ Classics and classics in the making (Magik + Rose, The Dark Horse), documentaries (Exit through the Gift Shop, Grey Gardens) and much more.

2Have a search on our website (you can browse by genre) or come and browse the shelves in the library (the biggest collection is on Level 2 of the Central Library, with more collections in the Education, EPS and MacMillan Brown Libraries).

Then mute the phones, make popcorn, sit back and relax 🙂

What happens after your thesis is submitted?

image001Firstly: congratulations! That was a lot of work.  We’re proud of you, your mum’s proud of you, and the rest of the world is quite interested to see what contribution you have made to the sum total of the world’s knowledge.

Secondly: there are one or two things we need to check before you can introduce your thesis to the world. Once you have sent your final work to the postgraduate office, they send it to the Library, along with the Thesis Declaration form you and your supervisor have signed.  The library then checks your work to make sure it conforms to copyright law.

If there are anything other than simple issues, we’ll get back to you to see how we can resolve them.  The most common problem is including journal articles you have written, which may be needed for marking, but we are not allowed to make available online.  In this case, we replace the article with a link to the publisher’s version of it.

Once copyright checking has been done, we send it to the cataloguers, who add key words and special research vocabulary terms to the UC catalogue record, and do the final work to make the work available on the UC Research Repository.

Once it is publicly available, the information about your thesis is gathered by Google Scholar, OCLC (a worldwide library catalogue of library catalogues) and the NZ National Library through – a fantastic resource of all New Zealand’s openly accessible research.

We don’t make the new Thesis Declaration Form available, as it has your permanent email address on it, as well as other potentially private information. We used to when it had less information on it, but no longer.

For more information about theses and dissertations, check out the Library Thesis Guide