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Nominations now open for UCSA general elections

Nominations for the UCSA general election are now open! The UCSA is governed by 12 elected student representatives. If you’re keen to run for a position, be sure to enter before nominations close on 1 August 2019.

Campaigning doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, you just need to have platforms that connect with students. There are loads of reasons to run:

  • Make a difference on campus and help improve the student experience.
  • Build your skill set – leadership, public speaking and strategic work all look great on the CV.
  • Gain new experiences and meet people from across campus.
  • Get paid for your work – you can find out the reimbursement by checking the job descriptions below.
  • Enjoy a great work environment with a supportive team and flash new offices in Haere-roa.

How to apply

Visit our website and read through the UCSA Election Nomination Form. It includes instructions on how to enter. Applications must be completed and received before 12pm on August 1st 2019 at UCSA reception in Haere-roa.

Candidates may apply for more than one position; however, they can only hold ONE position. Candidates who are voted in to more than one will be elected to the highest polled position.

Job descriptions

UCSA elections


The campaign trail – key dates

  • 23 July: Nominations open.
  • 24 July 12pm: Election info session for potential candidates.
  • 30 July 12pm: Election info session for potential candidates.
  • 1 August 12pm: Nominations close, a candidates briefing is held, and then the campaign period begins.
  • 5-9 August: Candidates visit UC halls of residence.
  • 13 August: Presidential debate.
  • 13 August: Campaigning closes 10pm (all adverts from around the university have to be removed).
  • 14 August: Voting opens.
  • 16 August: Voting closes and election results are announced (yay!).

Tips to get you started


The UCSA will be offering up some resource support for candidates in the way of limited printing credit ($10 on our UCSA printer), lamination sleeves (x10 A3), and stakes (x5).

Finding a team

To find a team to run with, we encourage candidates to keep coming to the information sessions so that they can meet others and form connections.

Any questions? Chat with our Returning Officer

Hannah Long is our 2019 Returning Officer and it’s her job to help guide the election process. Hannah’s your go-to-person for election questions. You can contact her between the hours of 8am–10pm by email:

The Returning Officer helps the UCSA deliver free and fair elections, where all members can exercise their right to vote. The role includes:

  • Watching that campaign rules and our Constitution are being followed.
  • Providing clear and consistent guidelines to candidates.
  • Looking for opportunities to improve procedures.
  • Announcing election and voter turn-out results.

Your invite to Haere-roa’s Community Open Day

The Haere-roa Community Open Day is on 3 August, and the UCSA would love to have you over. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to show your mates, or your mum and dad, around your new hang-out.

On the day:

  • Look through Haere-roa’s social and event spaces, including its outdoor amphitheatre.
  • Explore the Ngaio Marsh Theatre.
  • Grab a coffee from UC mainstay the Foundry.

There’s no need to register, just come along on the day.

Date: Saturday 3 August
Time: 10am–2pm
Location: Haere-roa, 90 Ilam Road

To learn more about Haere-roa, see the UCSA website. You can also visit our Facebook event page.

Community Open Day: Haere-roa

A look inside Haere-roa: Bentley’s Lounge

This week Elric, UCSA’s Commerce Rep, takes a look around Haere-roa’s impressive bar Bentley’s Lounge.