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Improving student communications – we need your help

Remember when you first applied to enrol at UC? Was it easy? Did you get all the information you needed to guide you through?

UC is working on simplifying and improving the communications students receive during the enrolment process… and we need your help.

Upcoming workshops
Look out for two workshops coming up over the next few weeks.

Workshop one (12pm – 1pm, Monday 29 July)
Provide feedback on the communications and notifications students receive when applying to enrol at UC. We want to know the good and the bad! (And, we’ll be serving pizza for lunch.)

Workshop two (to be held in August – time and date to be confirmed)
Work with UC staff to co-design a new process for communicating to students during the enrolment period.

You will be helping to make sure our enrolment communications are spot on – making it even easier for students to apply to enrol at UC. Plus there’ll be free food at the workshops!

How to get involved
To register for the workshops, email

Can’t make the workshops but have some feedback? Email it to

Do you know the code?

UC is a close-knit community of people committed to creating a campus culture of belonging, understanding, inclusiveness and caring. Ākonga Tū, Ākonga Ora.

The Student Code of Conduct is a key document that reflects our values. When you enrolled at UC you would have agreed to comply with UC’s regulations and policies, including the Student Code of Conduct.

Get to know the Code
Your time at UC is an opportunity to not only gain academic knowledge and skills, but to live independently, meet new people from around the world and get involved in new experiences that help you grow both professionally and personally.

As a student, you’ll try new things, make mistakes and learn from them, but you still have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe and not bring UC into disrepute. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at Know the Code which sets out your rights and responsibilities and aligns with the Student Code of Conduct. It highlights the partnership between UC and students to provide a safe learning, living and working environment.

It’s all about knowing your responsibilities, keeping yourself safe and looking out for your mates.  And remember… before copying that, or posting that, or climbing that, ask yourself, would grandma approve? 

More information about the Student Code of Conduct is available here

Everything up to date in myUC?

Whether it’s your mother, your brother or another loved one, UC needs to know who your emergency contact person is and how we can get in touch with them in case something happens to you on campus.

Log in to your myUC account to check that your emergency contact person is listed on your record and all their details are correct.

While you’re logged in to myUC, check that your own contact details are up-to-date and correct – especially if you’ve moved into a residential hall or new flat recently. UC uses these details if we need to get in touch with you.