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Doing extra activities while studying?

If you’re doing extra activities while you’re studying – you might be an SVA event volunteer, a peer note-taker or a class rep – you can sign up to the Co-curricular Record (CCR) and get recognition for your contribution.

CCR captures the experience and skills you gain from your co-curricular activities and highlights these to potential employers. For example you might have developed great communication skills as a class rep, or you might have strong leadership skills as a result of being a UC sports referee.  

CCR gives you:

  • a validated record to support internship, scholarship and job applications
  • recognition for the activities you’re involved in outside of your studies
  • an employability edge and a boost to your CV.

There are heaps of activities you can get recognition for on your CCR. Check out the full list     

If you’re already participating in an activity, why not sign up to CCR? If you’re involved in an activity that isn’t on the list, contact UC Careers to discuss your options. 

Visit UC Careers at: Level 1, Geography building (next to Café 101)

Find out more about CCR at


Thinking of making an internship part of your degree?

In April I was given one of the most valuable opportunities of my degree, an internship with UC’s International Relationship’s Office. For the past few months, I’ve been working with them as part of my Media and Communications degree to help create content for a student-built app, which acts as a guide for international students looking for things to do in and around Christchurch.

Being a UC student I’ve had access to many great sources of learning, from the amazing academics who teach here, the extensive collection in the library, and a wide range of guest speakers and lecturers. However, internships offer you something you can’t get from a lecture. As well as looking great on your CV, it’ll give you hands-on, practical experience and an insider knowledge of what it’s like working in your industry.

If you’re considering doing an internship, I can assure you it’ll be one of the most unique learning experiences you have during your study. Responsibilities and deadlines take on a new importance in this environment. If you mooch off on an essay or miss an exam, the only person you’re letting down is yourself. Working as an intern means your efforts are going towards more than just your GPA. You’re part of a team working toward a bigger goal. This makes the efforts you put in extra rewarding, as well as giving you a taste of how you’ll likely be working after you graduate. One of my favourite parts of this work is looking back and seeing how far the app has come from when we started in April, I love being able to see our hard work develop into something practical.

If you want to make an internship part of your degree, get in touch with the team at UC Careers or the PACE office. They can help find you a role which fits with where you want to go in the future.

Frankie Desmond

ICT Careers Fair – Tuesday 31 July

Wondering what you’ll do when you finish your degree? Want to meet future employers and find out what they’re looking for? Curious about part-time jobs, internships or summer work? Then head along to the ICT Careers Fair:

Tuesday 31 July 4.00 – 6.00pm
Undercroft, Puaka-James Hight building

Open to all students in all years of study (definitely not just final year!) it is THE place to find out where your degree could take you, and more:

  • investigate the career paths available to you
  • meet potential employers face-to-face and find out what they’re looking for
  • discuss employment and internship opportunities.

For more on this year’s ICT Careers Fair, check out the careers page here>