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Join us in reading Goodbye Sarajevo by UC alumna Hana Schofield and sister, Atka Reid

Did you know that UC students can join the UC Alumni Book Club? With our next book starting today, it’s the perfect time to join us.

The book selection, Goodbye Sarajevo, written by UC alumna Hana Schofield and her sister, Atka Reid, tells the real-life story of being caught up in 1992 in the middle of the civil war which tore Yugoslavia apart. Then aged twelve, Hana boards one of the last UN evacuation buses to flee the besieged city of Sarajevo. Her 21-year-old sister Atka stays behind to look after their five younger siblings. Atka’s daily life is punctuated by sniper and mortar attacks and desperate food shortages as she and the family struggle to survive.

Grab your copy and get involved in our virtual community of members across the globe. Sign up here!

Super Saturday: get vaccinated

With summer just 8 weeks away, we need everyone to book their first vaccine appointment now. This will ensure everyone can get two doses and enjoy everything a classic Kiwi summer has to offer.

Here’s the bottom line – the more of us that are fully vaccinated, the more protection we’ll have against Covid-19 and the more freedom we’ll have as we work our way back to reopening the country safely.

We all have a role to play in getting our friends, whānau and communities vaccinated – this is why we’re joining the Canterbury District Health Board in asking you in supporting our national day of action this Saturday 16 October – Super Saturday.

Vax chat: Join the UCSA’s livestream

Keen to know more about the COVID-19 vaccine? Tune into the UCSA’s Facebook livestream on Monday 4 October from 2PM.

Your UCSA President Kim will be asking a heap of interesting FAQs to UC Professor Michael Plank (Covid-19 Modelling Expert) and Associate Professor Dr Arindam Basu (Epidemiology and Environmental Health).

To watch, head to our page @theUCSA

A reminder that a vaccine clinic is also popping up on campus at Haere-roa on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 October. No need to book ahead, plus there’ll be free kai and parking as well, don’t miss out! Find out more.