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Changes to SBS access

As of 5.00pm this Friday 15 September, the north-south route through the SBS building will no longer be accessible as the ramp on the northern side will be removed.

The SBS building can still be accessed from a new ramp on the southern side, but not from the northern side due to the von Haast demolition and rebuild project.

Alternate access to the north side of campus is down the western side of the von Haast site or via Forestry Road.

Riccarton community projects – get involved

Christchurch City Council  is looking for people who might like to be involved with one or both of the following community projects:

  • Riccarton Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Showcasing Riccarton

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Around the city and the country, communities get together to prepare an emergency preparedness plan that sets out the resources that can ‘kick in’ should an emergency happen.  These are developed for communities by communities and involve a stocktake of what resources are already in a community and how they could be utilised in an emergency.

These are generally developed alongside Council, Civil Defence and Neighbourhood Support.  As a Council we can facilitate the process, but definitely require community input at various stages as much as possible.  A working party would get together to plan how and when this could happen.  This is not a process that happens overnight, but could be launched or developed at a Riccarton Showcase event.

This will need to be a Riccarton wide plan – not just a localised neighbourhood plan.  Some examples that have been developed in Christchurch are;

Showcasing Riccarton – an event or week/programme of events that showcase Riccarton

  • This will involve the opportunity for organisations (community and other) to showcase what they do, offer to people who live, work, study and play in Riccarton.  This could involve an expo type event, a series of events or both.
  • This idea has come about following a Housing New Zealand expo for residents where non-Housing New Zealand residents of the Riccarton area asked for a similar expo type event where they could find out about the activities, programmes etc on offer in Riccarton.
  • Westfield Mall has a community space for community organisations to raise their profile.
  • This could also be an opportunity for organisations to organise an event or similar in their own backyard.  It could be as simple as an open-house to a community clean up to a suburb wide garage/boot sale.  Our team is here to help develop and promote ideas and events. (eg how can we make this happen?)
  • It would be good to have this take place around Neighbourhood Week (last week of October/beginning of November)

If you want to know more – or are interested please contact, Community Development Advisor CCC by 15 September.

RRSIC Stage 2 – von Haast update

On Monday 4 September, the accessible ramp and general access from the north side of SBS will be closed off and a new accessibility ramp will be installed on the south side.

Site hoardings along the eastern side of von Haast, outside Central Lectures theatres, are scheduled to be erected during the mid-term break between 28 August and 8 September. This will significantly reduce the width of the access pathway into SBS and C Block but will not affect emergency egress.

More information on the von Haast project.