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Want to see how we celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight on campus?

Last week, UC Sustainability celebrated all things ethical and fair trade with one of our favourite events of the year: our annual Fair Trade Fair! Missed out? Read on, we’ve put together a highlights reel so you can see what we got up to.


Held in the beautiful Haere-roa, we welcomed over 200 students and staff to come and learn about fair trade, try some yummy (and fairly traded) goodies, and meet our suppliers who make our Fair Trade University possible. The fair trade cold brew, banana smoothies (made by pedal power on a smoothie bike of course!) and hot chocolates went down an absolute treat, and we loved seeing our suppliers share their stories of the real people and communities behind their products.

What is fair trade, and why should we care?

Fair trade supports marginalised farmers and workers in developing countries. By supporting them, we’re enabling them to take better care of their environment and to build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities. From the coffee you drink, the chocolate you eat and the clothes you wear – products that are fairly traded create a real, positive difference in people’s lives. By choosing to buy fair trade, we are guaranteeing producers receive a minimum price regardless of global trends. We’re also ensuring that workers receive liveable wages, safe working conditions, access to clean water and schooling for their children.

Our University has been proudly Fair Trade since 2017.  To learn more about who we’re working with to make our University fair trade,  and real  examples of what they are doing for their communities, check out the suppliers stories below (and spot them in the photos!)











We hope you enjoyed seeing our fair trade celebrations – and we’ll see you again next year!

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Stay connected and follow us on FacebookInstagram or sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop about campus sustainability. This is part of our contribution to Fairtrade Fortnight, where we encourage our UC community to get involved and support the empowerment of producers overseas. If you’d like some more information on our Fair Trade University, see our website. Big thanks to Corey Blackburn and Mark McNeill from UC Marketing for the photos and videos of the event.

Simon Marais Mathematics Competition

To all problem solvers out there!

UC is one of the 56 universities in South East Asia – Pacific participating in an international Mathematics problem solving competition. This year’s edition takes place on Saturday 12 October and consists of two 3-hour tests.

You can participate in pairs or as individuals. Problems are based on core undergrad maths, so first year students can take on the challenge too. The point is to come up with simple, elegant or creative ways of tackling problems. There are heaps of cash prices to win. If you want to have a look at previous years’ questions, check out the website.

If you want to sign up or have questions, contact:

Geertrui Van de Voorde (School of Mathematics and Statistics) at

Diversity Fest 2019 – coming soon

Mark it in your calendar, Diversity Fest 2019 is coming soon!

Running in Term 4 from 9 September – 13 October, Diversity Fest will include a global fashion show, an international food market, film screening and Q&A session and a range of speakers. There will be heaps of other events, as well as a range of activities hosted by student clubs and societies.

This is a chance for everyone across campus to come together and celebrate the rich diversity of our university community, while discussing how we can further make this a place where we feel we all belong.

Keep an eye on Insider’s Guide over the next few weeks for more information about events and activities you can get involved in.

In a student club or society and have an idea for a Diversity Fest event? Contact Henry Lawson to discuss it, email –