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Record gathering of electric vehicles at UC

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All cars in the photo, except for a few at top right, drive only on electricity.

By Professor Dave Kelly – Biological Sciences.

On Saturday 22 April a new New Zealand record was set for the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in one place, in the Arts car park at UC.

The record attempt was organised by the Christchurch EV Group, in connection with the Christchurch leg of the Bluff to Cape Reinga EV trip organised by Leading the Charge, a national EV advocacy group.

The previous NZ record of 62 EVs, set in Auckland, was well broken with exactly 100 EVs gathering. That’s about 5% of the national total of EVs, with about 2,200 registered for road use throughout New Zealand as of early April. The number of EVs in the country is rising rapidly with the 2017 total being about double that of a year ago.

As well as the 100 road-legal cars there were three other electric vehicles, including an electric racing car built and exhibited by the UC Engineering. UC has been conducting research into electric vehicles for several decades, with the electronics which control the motor being a key part of any effective road electric vehicle. The use of the Arts car park was supported by UC’s VC Rod Carr, because of this link to UC Engineering and also UC’s commitment to sustainability.

The 100 EVs present included 62 Nissan Leafs, the most common pure electric vehicle in NZ.

For more info on the record attempt and the Christchurch EV group see their Facebook page.

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us:

This row is nearly all Leafs with one BMW i3 and one Mitsubishi iMiev.


South Island Tertiary Forum: Supporting diverse learners

student-support-lgbtqi-balloonsSouth Island Tertiary Forum: Supporting diverse learners
Wednesday 3 May 2017 9.00am-3.00pm

The event is free to attend and will offer individuals the opportunity to meet other students from across Christchurch and take part in discussions around how student support can be improved.

Held at Lincoln University this event is for postgraduate students and staff to discuss the problems faced by students who often face discrimination based upon their skin colour, sexual orientation, age or disability. It is an event organised between ARA, UC and Lincoln, and our UC PGSA Advocacy Officer (Gabby Watson) will be giving a talk on challenges faced by postgraduate students.

If there is enough interest a bus will be organised from UC to Lincoln for the event. To register your interest for the bus please click “going” on the event page here. If you do not have Facebook, please email us.

Conference room at Te Kete Ika Food and Function Centre, Lincoln University

Teleconference facilities available.


9.00am Opening, introductions and warm-up
9.05am Welcome from Lincoln
9.15am Background and programme of South Island Tertiary Forum
9.20am Brief Introductions around the room
9.30am Warm-up activity – Lincoln Future Leaders
9.45am Panel presentations and discussion on supporting diverse learners

10.30am Morning tea

10.45am LGBT
11.00am Panel discussion
11.30am Short Presentations on supporting diverse learners (10 minutes each):
Chiaki Bolam-Smith – Supporting international students (Ara International Coordinator)
Gabby Watson – Supporting post-grad students (UC, Post-Graduate Student Association)
Savannah Ornsby – Ara School of Wellbeing (Ara Wellbeing Advocate and Recreation Assistant)
Ember (Lincoln University Coordinator of Space)

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Discussion tables:
Māori (Māori student group)
Pasifika (Maria Pasene and Pasifika student group)
LGBT (Anne Nicholson and Ember)
Students with disabilities (Cam Scott and Katie Sinton)
2.30pm Group feedback, final comments, directions for future forums and workshops, and evaluation

3.00pm Close

UC PGSA logo

UC PGSA presents: MOANA

UC PGSA are hosting a public screening of Moana – a Disney animated film. If you haven’t seen it yet then you’re missing out. With fabulous reviews, lots of culture, and some new sing-alongs, it’s a movie not to be missed.

Come down on Wednesday afternoon to the Undercroft and relax for a big-screen movie brought right to you. Children, friends, and family welcome. It’s a short week anyway, so why not?

  • Koha entry.
  • Food and drink will be available for purchase if you find yourself suddenly peckish.
  • The movie itself will begin around 4.30pm.

Wednesday, 19th April, 4pm – 7pm, in the Undercroft. All welcome.