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What’s the haps?! 2-8 March

Don’t miss out on the events for this week!

Monday 2nd:

Tuesday 3rd:

Wednesday 4th:

Thursday 5th: 

Friday 6th: 

Sunday 8th:

Orientation has been awesome…and there’s still more to come!

It’s so great to have the campus feeling alive again after the summer break! And what a way to kick off the year with all the exciting Orientation events happening on campus.

Charlene and I from the Communications team had a great time chatting to our new students on Orientation Day – if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video with some of the people we talked to – we definitely had some characters joining us!

Orientation Day 2015
Orientation Day 2015

It was such a great day with the sun coming out in full force by lunch time – just in time for the Orientation market and free lunch in the big top (pictured above). The market was especially awesome – freebies galore! Watch this video to try and find yourself there! And if you’ve got the stomach for it – here’s a clip of one of the entertainers at the market doing a gross trick involving a hammer, a nail and her nose…watch it here!

Other highlights of the day were the warm welcomes from our Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr and Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel; as well as the comedian talk show and the college welcomes where students split into their college groups and did some classic ice-breaker activities. See this clip of the students getting to know each other.

As well as Orientation Day we’ve already had the Foundry opening, an outdoor movie on C block lawn, Colour my Toga and Under the Big Top.

Still to come are some of the biggest party events – Mardi Gras (that’s TONIGHT), the 90s Party on Feb 26 and Summerstein on Feb 28 (which was my favourite as a student).

In the non-party category there are more fun times ahead such as the Backyard Cricket tournament and free lunch on Feb 27 on Ilam Fields, and the Day Tramp on March 1.

And finally of course there are the must-attend Clubs Days on Feb 25 & 26 in the UCSA car park, where you can join clubs to satisfy your partying, political, religious, sporting and many other needs throughout the year.

To see the full events calendar for Orientation click here. And keep up to date with all things UC including photos and videos from events by liking the University of Canterbury Facebook page.

How to: sort out a Mardi Gras outfit!

Hey guys! As Mardi Gras is nearly upon us (Tuesday 24th) you need to find a costume…and as I know none of you will have organised this yet, typical, I’m here to help.  

Step 1: Raid your own closet for anything crazy coloured; preferably purple, green or gold (yellow works too) if you’re going for the traditional mardi gras look.

Step 2: Raid your flatmate’s/sibling’s/mum’s closet. Sharing is caring.

Step 3:  Channel your inner Macklemore and go thrifting! Secondhand clothing is always a winner as you can score some great pieces which cost less than a dime! Personally I really like Savemart and there are three of these massive clothing warehouses to explore in Christchurch.

Step 4: Find some funky accessories! Adding accessories to your mardi gras costume can really transform it into the crazy festival look you want. Feathers, masks, glitter, face paint, fascinators, flowers, and headbands are all good additions! You can find things like this for very cheap in some of the dollar stores in the mall.

Step 5: Don’t wear silly shoes. By this I mean don’t wear jandals as, from experience, I now know just how easy it is to lose these while dancing and end up with no shoes…and for girls, don’t wear heels! They are incredibly impractical for events such as Mardi Gras on Ilam Fields. Just don’t do it.

Step 6: Whatever outfit you come up with, just roll with it! It may be the most eclectic, rag-tag costume that you’ve ever seen, but that’s what the festival of mardi gras is all about. Express yourself!