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Keeping the balance – Get Active

Partying is so much more fun when you’ve done enough cardio to dance all night. Keeping active is one of the ways that you will be able to stay focused throughout your studies. Having some sort of balance is very important but often overlooked. University is where you have a choice to develop either healthy or unhealthy habits, most of the time it ends up being unhealthy. Break this cycle and start getting active as soon as you get to uni this year!

Getting active in groups is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to socialise. Joining one of UC’s social sport groups, or something more niche like the climbing club or the tramping club will get you exercising but also meeting new people.

During my first semester; I wasn’t active enough at all. I just went out, went to class and went to work. No exercise that I went out of my way to do. Things changed the following semester, I slowly got more involved in rec centre classes like Zumba and Pilates with my flatmates. It’s fun to go in a group and it made me feel a lot more balanced. The rec centre is a fantastic resource, and it’s completely free for UC students. You do need to register on your first visit but after that you’re good to go for a year. Pretty much everyone has an activity or class that will appeal to them so get amongst it.

2020 was when I got back into skiing. I always associated this activity with my parents but making friends who like heading up to Mt Hutt changed all this. I’m not a gym rat but I love being outside and in Christchurch we have pretty much everything you could ever want available to you. There are great bike tracks in the port hills, bottle lake forest, McLeans island and the adventure park. Walks are pretty much everywhere. My personal favourites are the uphill climb at the adventure park and doing Rapaki on a warm day. Pegasus beach is great if you have a dog, and you can’t really go wrong with a walk around Hagley Park and Mona Vale.

Make the most of everything we’ve got around us.

Drop-in sport sessions for fun

Are you looking for something fun to do over the holidays, or even during term time but have zero dollars, or perhaps none of your friends want to play? Why not try our drop-in sport sessions?  

Play badminton, futsal or volleyball in one of our weekday drop-in sessions, all year round.
Drop-in Sport sessions at the UC RecCentre 

 These sessions are:

  • at set times/days 
  • free to join in (if you’re a UC Student or RecCentre member) 
  • $2 for non-members (so you can bring your friend or flatmate with you for moral support if you need it)
  • open to anyone and everyone – all abilities welcome! 
When and where?
How does it work? 
  • Head to the sportshall at the designated time/day 
  • No-one there? Head to reception. You’re the first to arrive, so we’ll give you the equipment you need to set up 
  • Other people already there , just join in! 

That’s it! No commitment to turn up for a league, but 99% certain to have a few others to play the game with (which, let’s face it, is kinda needed for games like Futsal, Volleyball and Badminton!) 

Ngā mihi 
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec & Sport 

FREE adult swimming lessons with discounted CCC pool memberships

Have you ever thought about learning to swim, or improving how far you can swim? The Rec&Sport team have set up an easy way for you to access 20% off CCC pool memberships, and get free swimming lessons to boot! 

All good, but why should YOU learn to swim? 

Lots of reasons, but here are our top 4: 

  1. Aotearoa New Zealand is an island nation with some beautiful beaches, lakes and rivers to play in and on. You’ll have much more fun if you’re confident you can swim  a few hundred metres to something cool or to safety. 
  2. If you’re new to exercise or injured, it is a fantastic full body, no impact workout to build cardiovascular and muscular strength.  
  3. If you’re a regular exerciser, it’s a great recovery tool between hard workouts. Also, once you ‘get’ the breathing, it can be meditative and calming.  
  4. There are some cool water based sports/activities that you might discover and be able to participate in once you’re confident in the water. 

How to get FREE learn to swim lessons – yes there is a catch

The Rec&Sport team have partnered with CCC, and set up a hassle free way for you to get your hands on a discounted pools membership.  We call it Swim Starter. 

  1. Head to our website and click the link to register 
  2. We’ll send you an email to confirm your membership at the RecCentre 
  3. Take this email to any CCC facility to enjoy 20% off any pool membership (minimum 3mths). 
  4. Now you’re a member of CCC pools, you can book into any Adult Swim lesson.  They’re FREE with pool memberships.                                                                                                                                                                                  It’s important to note that UC Rec&Sport has no further involvement once you’ve got yourself a membership.  You’ll be booking your sessions and buying your membership with the CCC team directly.   

So, whilst you’ll need to get a membership to get the free lessons, that’s a good thing, as the best way to learn a skill is to practice frequently, especially in the early stages. So, book in as many lessons in a short space of time as you can (the holidays are great for this!)  You can also practice in-between lessons, or perhaps just use the sauna, steam room and spa for some relaxation! 

Happy holidays!
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec & Sport