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Small Group Training – it’s all about the B’s……

Ballet, Bootcamp, Boxing and Barre

We’re fizzing to be able to offer one more round of summer Small Group Training courses to see out 2020!

Whether you want to smash some morning fitness goals in Bootcamp, learn a new skill in Boxing, or find your inner ballerina with Ballet or Barre, we’ve got it going on at the RecCentre. Best of all, it’s on campus and super great value, with super great instructors (well, we think so!)

Why SGT?

Two words. Commitment and accountability. Ok, a third word – fun! Training with the same group of people each week, and a small group, means you get to connect with others and see your growth each week in a structured programme.

Why choose the UC RecCentre?

We’re conveniently located (let’s face it, you’ve already walked to campus, or done battle for your carpark, so why not leave it there another hour while you exercise, then enjoy a smooth ride home in less traffic?) and we’re very competitively priced. You pay up front for five weeks, and the cost per session is around $5.50 for bootcamp, and $7.50 for our other courses ($55 for Bootcamp, and $37.50 for the others).

Registrations are open now, and courses start week beginning November 23rd, ending by 19th December.

What are you waiting for?
Move better.  Feel better. Think better.

UC Rec&Sport

Summer Running happened so fast…

Are you looking to try running for the first time? Great idea! Over the holidays, it can be easy to lose your routine, especially when we go on holiday and the gym is either expensive, not open, or there isn’t one! Running is something almost everyone can do, and all it requires is a good pair of running shoes.

Male runners in Dunedin half marathon
Gary Gin completing the Dunedin Half Marathon – just one of the events you can train for.
Hōtaka Omaoma | Run Canterbury – UC’s Running Group 

Hōtaka Omaoma | Run Canterbury is our UC Rec & Sport based running group. We’ve been operating this running group for something like 25 years (no-one really knows, but it’s been ages), so we come with oodles of experience. This means we can provide support in your running journey, whether you’re a beginner or a little bit quicker than that! 

Expect pack runs with supportive pack leaders, three pack levels to choose from (we’ll help you find the right one), recovery sessions and a full training programme for inbetween the pack runs. Check out all the details on our Run Canterbury website.

Invest in you 

From just $45 for UC students, you can join us for six weeks of training and inspiration, meet some new running buddies and generally have fun while you run. If you’ve done it before with us (any year) we’ll take another $5 off the price. Honestly, compare our prices to other running groups, you’ll find we’re one of the best value around and super convenient on campus! 

We’d love to have you come for a run with us. If you’ve got any questions, just email for answers and advice. Otherwise, head over to the RecCentre to register…we start next week, with the first pack run on Tuesday 10th November! 

Move better.  Feel better.  Think better. 
UC Rec&Sport 

Summer Social Sport is here!

We know, you’re probably really sad that social sport has finished for the year. We are too, except now we aren’t, because for the first time, we’re offering (drum roll please) summer social sport leagues at night!    

social netball game
Game of social netball at UC RecCentre
It’s even better at night

That’s right…we’re offering social sport in the evenings for summer – so you can enjoy the beautiful days of sunshine, or that summer job, and nip in for a 30min bash of netball or basketball.  We’ve got dodgeball on Saturday lunchtime as well.  Fitness, fun and hanging out with your mates all in one. 

Bring your friends! 

Don’t forget, our social leagues aren’t just for students! We offer a discounted rate for UC Students -$100 per team, for all five weeks of the league, and just $120 for other teams. Not a member? No problem – just sign in for your game each week.  

When and where?

All at the RecCentre! Netball on Mondays, Basketball on Wednesdays, games between 6.15pm and 9pm. Dodgeball on Saturdays between 12 – 2pm.  Parking is free at that time, right outside the door in the Kirkwood carpark, or what we like to call, VIP parking. Competition runs between November 16th and December 19th. 

Registrations are open now, so head over to the RecCentre to register your team or for more information contact

Happy moving!
UC Rec&Sport