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18 March | Daily COVID-19 update

The COVID-19 is a quickly evolving situation and we encourage you to take note of the key information and developments below.

The University continues to remain open and lectures are running. We take our advice from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and are working hard to deliver on campus education in a safe way for as long as possible. We are preparing for online delivery if it becomes necessary. This mis-information pandemic continues and we encourage you, no, we implore you to follow UC official channels relating to campus operations, i.e. not that person you overheard in the library.

Assessments and tests
All tests and assessments are continuing as scheduled unless you are informed otherwise by your lecturer or the University. We are also working hard to schedule more rooms for tests and assessments over the next week to provide physical separation.

If you are unwell, you must stay at home to prevent any potential spread of illness. The UC Health Centre is open, but it is vital you call (03 369 4444) first if you have a respiratory condition. When visiting the Health Centre a staff member will meet you at the door in an effort to protect everyone. Remember you can call the Health Centre if you need a medical certificate. Please complete the normal Special Consideration process if sickness or self-isolation will impact your studies.

There may also be some changes made to assessment types and grade weightings for this Semester. Your Course Coordinator will make these decisions and clearly communicate any changes to you before the assessment date.

UC Libraries
The UC Libraries are high-use areas and measures are being taken to help minimise the risks in this space and ensure the continuation of services. Please be considerate of others and use hand sanitiser before and after use of library computers. See more about cleaning practices in Libraries.

All library services remain open and are keeping regular open hours.

Rest assured halls of residence have pandemic plans in place to manage self-isolation, as well as the continuing care of you if the campus has to close.

Hand sanitising map and facemasks
For your safety a map of every sanitising station on campus (we have 70) has been created. If you find a station that has run out of sanitiser, please do your part in keeping the UC community and email with the local of the station.

Face masks act as a signal to others to steer clear of you because you have an infection, and when you are wearing one you can’t put your hands near your mouth and nose. Keeping your hands away from your face prevents the bugs getting into you. WHO has many resources about face mask use that can help inform you. It’s a choice that each individual makes for themselves and UC will not tolerate any discrimination against those who choose to wear one.

Who to contact?
If you have any questions related to COVID-19 please email Emails are being monitored and responded to. Further drop in sessions are being planned for international students and we will keep you updated when these are taking place.

You can also contact these groups for further advice:

As always, look after yourself, be kind to others and wash your hands. Today’s song of choice is Say So by Doja Cat.

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17th March | Daily COVID-19 Update

As the situation has evolved we’ve been updating you with key information about COVID-19.  From today we are moving to a daily update. 

On advice from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education the University will continue to remain open and run lectures.  We are working hard to deliver on campus education in a safe way for the remainder of the term at a minimum.

The Ministry of Health says you should still attend school or work. The Ministry of Education will work with schools and universities to try to mitigate large congregations of people” (note all of our lecture theatres are less than 500 people).

We are taking additional precautions and recommend

  • If you are unwell stay home. You can ring the health centre for a medical certificate if required
  • Following social distancing protocols if you can (particularly in the library)
  • Wash and dry your hands well, and regularly
  • Using the hand sanitiser being stationed in entrances on both entering and exiting spaces
  • If you are concerned or immunosuppressed, and a lecture is recorded or online, then log in from home
  • See more about cleaning in our student blog and sanitising with the video of our misting machine
  • Follow advice from the experts e.g. the Ministry of Health on self-isolation or contact tracing if you are concerned

A few things to note

  • If you are sick and are meeting with a member of UC staff, or in a lecture theatre, you can expect that a staff member will recommend you go home. Online meetings for support staff can be arranged.
  • If you live in Halls, plans are in place for managing all situations including self-isolation. No matter what your circumstance, we are here to support you. You will have a place to stay!
  • The central library remains open, but we encourage you follow social distancing advice. When using computer equipment in the library it’s really important to sanitise before and after use.
  • The Ministry of Health says with continued vigilance the chance of widespread community outbreak is expected to remain low.

Our website is still the place to go to for the official alert information (including Ministry of Health & Immigration New Zealand). And UCGO is your app where you can see these blogs too.

Please do your part by taking care of your personal hygiene and email with any questions or suggestions of areas that you believe might need attention. Finally, take care of yourself.  Be kind to others.  Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

Stay safe and enjoy O. Week | Tips from New Zealand police

University O Week – be safe, look after your mates and have a ‘good one’

You’re here! Starting university is an exciting time with plenty of events to get involved in. There’s been a fun packed UCSA O. Week schedule this week, along with some more events coming up – join the fun!

New Zealand Police have offered some important tips to make sure your start at UC is a safe and enjoyable one. Check them out on the New Zealand Police website>

Planning on having a party with your mates? Remember to register it with the Good One Party Register>

Most importantly, look after yourself and your mates, and embrace this exciting opportunity.