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All student email | COVID-19 update | 18 February 2020

Kia ora koutou,

The wellbeing and safety of our staff and students is our top priority and now that we are back in full University mode it is timely to remind everyone of the key COVID-19 (Coronavirus) messages.

It’s important to ensure you’re well-informed so that you can support those in your community with the right information to take responsible steps to protect themselves and others. At UC we strive to create a campus culture of belonging, understanding, inclusiveness and caring. Any signs of discrimination surrounding a virus that doesn’t discriminate on race or religion will not be tolerated. To raise a concern go to

  1. Misinformation about COVID-19 and self-isolation continues. The current facts:
  • As at 11am 18 February there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand.
  • The Ministry of Health does say that the likelihood of importing a case remains high.
  • The Government extended the travel restrictions until Monday 24 February 2020.
  • Foreign travellers who have been present in, or transited through, mainland China in the previous 14 days will be refused entry to New Zealand. Restrictions reviewed every 48 hours.
  • NZ Citizens and Residents who have visited or transited through mainland China since 2 February need to self-isolate and register for health checks through the new Healthline service.
  • Mainland China includes all of China, but not Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR, and not Taiwan.
  1. How COVID-19 Spreads (Ministry of Health)

Like the flu, COVID-19 can be transmitted from person to person. The scientific evidence confirms that coronavirus is spread by droplets. This means that when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, they may generate droplets containing the virus. These droplets are too large to stay in the air for long, so they quickly settle on surrounding surfaces. Droplet-spread diseases can be spread by:

  • coughing and sneezing
  • close personal contact
  • contact with an object or surface with viral particles on it and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

That’s why it’s really important to practice good hygiene, regularly wash and thoroughly dry your hands and practice good cough etiquette. Hand sanitiser is also available around campus.

  1. Lecture Capture

ECHO 360 lecture capture is happening in many courses to enable students to study online back in China. It is important to note that not ALL courses are being captured, as not all courses are being undertaken by students in China. As always, we encourage you to attend lectures in person where possible for both the opportunity to meet other students and speak directly with your lecturer.

  1. Impacted Student Study Plans and Visas

The Government and Immigration NZ are still reviewing the situation about students who are in China and unable to travel to New Zealand currently. Without confirmation on the travel ban timelines, all of our planning continues around the possibility of Semester 1 being delivered online to these students. We appreciate everyone on campus working together to make it possible for these students to continue their studies where able. In some cases you might need to work on a project with a team member based remotely. This is a great opportunity to gain experience working in ways you will possibly do so in the future.

Finally, a reminder that we continue to update the website daily, even though we are only sending student updates when important new information comes to hand. Importantly though, if you have a question, make sure you reach out and ask at

Ngā mihi,

Lynn McClelland

More information:

New to UC? Check out your go-to guides

New around here? Check out your go-to guides for all the essential information you need to succeed at UC. 

Pick up copies from Student Services (Level 1, Matariki) or view them online. 

All Student Email | Coronavirus Update | 7 February 2020

Kia ora koutou,

We know that you will be concerned about the coronavirus outbreak and the impact it will have on your studies – particularly those of you still overseas who are affected by the NZ Government’s decision to restrict entry into New Zealand for all foreign nationals travelling from, or via, mainland China. 

The University is working urgently to assess the situation and its implications for you. We will do everything in our power to support you with flexible arrangements for study, and to minimise disruption. Obviously, this is a very complex process, and we don’t have all the answers yet, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

International Students enrolling online

We were delighted to have nearly 100 impacted students enrol online overnight. Just a reminder that International students who are unable to enrol in person are now able to enrol online. Instructions on how to do so are provided here.

If your travel has been impacted and you haven’t already done so, please update us by completing the online form.

The Ministry of Health has updated information as at 4.45pm, 7 February (this advice is under active review and is updated daily).

Ministry of Health, Healthline

Healthline has set up a dedicated 0800 number specifically for health-related calls about coronavirus.

  • The number is 0800 358 5453
  • Or for international SIMs +64 9 358 5453
  • People calling that line will be able to talk with a member of the National Telehealth Service and interpreters will be on hand. The number is staffed by nurses, paramedics and health advisors.

Advice about self-isolation from Ministry of Health (MOH)

The MOH has also updated requirements for recent arrivals; if you have arrived today from mainland China or have been in transit in mainland China

  • You are required to register your details with Healthline within 24 hours of arrival
  • And ask that you self-isolate for 14 days.

The MOH are asking people to take simple, common-sense steps to avoid close contact with other people as much as possible, like they would with the seasonal flu virus. They acknowledge it is a stressful time, but taking these simple measures will help protect you, your family, and all of New Zealand against 2019-nCoV and other common infectious diseases.

If you are unsure if you should be self-isolating, please contact Healthline for free on 0800 611 116. Information about self-isolation has been updated, download an information sheet on self-isolation.

Finally, it’s important to recognise that this situation affects everyone, not just international students. Please look after yourselves, and look after each other. Let’s make sure we all support each other during this uncertain time.

Ngā mihi,

Lynn McClelland


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