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How to report a sexual assault to the Police

The Reporting Sexual Assault To Police series takes you through the process of reporting a sexual assault for adults 18 years and over. In STEP 1 Senior Sergeant Tania Van Ooyen offers reassurance, advice and outlines what happens when you first report a sexual assault.

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UC takes the issue of sexual assault and supporting victims of sexual assault seriously. Find more information here>

What is a great party?

What is a great party?

A party that is a roaring success. A party where everyone has a good time. A party where everyone gets home safely. A party that is remembered for the right reasons. A yellow and black party. A Good One party.

Good One is not “Big Brother”, or the “Fun Police”. It is a way to ensure your party is one where you have thought through the implications and responsibilities of throwing a party.

Police are there as a resource to help not hinder your perfect party plans.


Become the ‘Host with the Most’. The most food, the most neighbourly support, the most knowledge of who’s at your party, the most safely secured valuable possessions and the most back up if things go pear shaped.

Go to to register your party.

Look after your mates, they’ll look after you.

UCSA Flu vaccine vouchers 2018

The UCSA Flu Vaccine Vouchers for 2018 are here. 

Get it before you go home for term break so that you can enjoy your break flu-free.  We also don’t want you to come back to Uni with the flu to spread to your fellow Uni mates!

For Domestic students not enrolled at UC Health Centre and International students, subsidised UCSA flu vaccine vouchers are available for you!  Just pick up a flu vaccine voucher from UCSA Reception and pay $5.00 at the UC Health Centre.  Vouchers are valid until Tuesday 31 July 2018.

Flu vaccines are free to all domestic students enrolled and funded at UC Health Centre.  They are also free to all domestic students with a chronic illness, i.e. asthma (if on a regular preventative therapy), diabetes etc. These students do not need a voucher.

The flu vaccine clinic at UC Health Centre starts on Thursday 22 March 2018, and operates on Mondays-Thursdays 9-10am and 2-3pm, and on Fridays 2-3pm.

Please call UC Health Centre on 364 2402 to make an appointment (please see details on voucher).