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Te Radar shares on the Men’s Health Goodfellas series

Te Radar, opinionist, comedian, and television personality, shares his thoughts on gender stereotypes, mental health, tolerance, and being true to yourself in our Men’s Health Goodfellas series. #MenStartTalking

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Need a break from study? Make a walking poster

Study getting a bit intense? Forgotten what fresh air smells like? Do you squint each time you head outdoors into natural light?

Take five minutes to generate your own walking poster, another awesome All Right? initiative.

What about making this a habit for your ‘Habit Stick’? Read about the three R’s of habit formation (reminder- routine – reward) here .

Here’s one I created – which shows I can get from the University to  Riccarton Bush pretty quickly. The same for Bush Inn. Googling a distance calculator made it super easy.

example of generating walking poster



Exam wellbeing – how to breathe, re-energise, revitalise

How do you re-energise and revitalise yourself? Wendy Risdon  is a nurse at the UC Health Centre – and she has some great advice as we all count down to exams.

I remind students about the importance of taking time to just “be” “Do, Be, Do Be Do”. Most of us are in a constant do, do, do mode. Some wise person once taught me, we are human beings, not human doings. How do we learn to ‘be”?

Be still and do nothing except breathe slowly for two minutes. No distractions, just focus on a long… slow… out… breath.

Case study patient_credit Wendy Risdon


Breathing out is like putting the brake on in the car, it slows everything down in your body. It slows your heart rate, it lowers your blood pressure and changes your brain wave pattern from Beta (mental activity) to alpha (deep relaxation).

Your out breath is about letting go and creating space in your body for your in-breath.

Breathing out allows the muscles to soften and the mind to let go of the business of the day, the endless chatter, self- talk, negative thoughts and beliefs.

Imagine a merry-go-round getting slower and slower until it comes to a stop. It is in the stillness that the body has the opportunity to reset and re-balance. It is in the stillness you can relax and your body feels safe enough to go to sleep.

Wendy Risdon – Nurse, UC Health Centre

[Photo credit: Wendy Risdon]