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Communications following a significant incident

The 14 November North Canterbury earthquake has prompted a change to the way UC will communicate to staff, students and key stakeholders in the event of a major incident that may affect campus.

In the event of an incident, staff who are off campus should assume campus remains open unless they are told otherwise, or it is obvious from other sources such as media or Civil Defence that it will not be. If campus is open but staff are unable to get here, they need only let their manager know.

Following an earthquake of 5.5 or greater within 50 kilometres of Christchurch, UC buildings will typically be inspected. We may also do so for less severe events closer to Christchurch.

UC will endeavour to contact staff as soon as possible after an event, and after the outcome of any inspections are known. UC will endeavour to communicate by 6pm at the latest for events during the day, and by 7am for significant events occurring overnight. Staff starting work on campus very early in the morning should contact the UC Security office for an update prior to starting work.

UC will communicate to staff and students and key stakeholders by email. It will also post on the UC Facebook page and on Twitter. This is intended to compensate for  loss of internet access through powercuts or evacuation, by providing information searchable from a mobile device. Both UC’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts are public accounts not requiring membership to access. Searching for University of Canterbury in a search engine will locate the UC Facebook page. Likewise, searching @UCNZ will locate UC’s Twitter feed. (Scroll down to see visual instructions below on how to do this.)

UC will no longer post on the UC website as a matter of course, but may still do so if the event is significant and affects campus, or the Emergency Operations Centre is activated. Any website post is likely to be a delayed, more considered response for interested parties beyond the campus.

The Communications and Engagement team continues to investigate options for texting staff and students updates following a significant event. For an organisation the size of UC, this is not as simple as one might assume. This option, should it eventuate, will at best be an opt-in service requiring staff and students to keep their details updated in order to receive updates.

To view the images below at a large size hold down the Ctrl key and press the ‘+’ key. Step 1 Twitter Facebook Step 2 Twitter Facebook Step 3 Twitter Facebook

UCSA building update

UCSA building demolition work was completed during the summer break. Early enabling works and ground improvements are due to start late February – this involves excavating and compacting gravel, and stabilising soil with cement on the north side of the site.

There will be general construction noise associated with this work, and vehicles coming and going from the site. Please take care when travelling near the site – slow down and look out for others.

The early enabling works and ground improvements are expected to be completed by June.

New around here?

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, a new UCSA building is opening in 2019. It’ll be a vibrant hub for students and include spaces for clubs, student advocacy and support services, events and entertainment.

Construction on the new UCSA building is expected to start mid-year.

Find out more at

Below: Artist impressions – an exterior view of the UCSA building and the new Ngaio Marsh Theatre.



Think first 101

Noticed this character around campus?

170221 Pedestrian character

Think first is all about taking care of yourself and your mates while you’re studying here at UC. Here’s the three essential things you need to know if you’re new to campus.

  1. Look out for others – UC is a busy place, especially between lectures when students, lecturers and tutors are on the move to their next class. Whether you’re walking, biking, skateboarding or driving around campus – keep an eye on those around you to avoid any collisions.
  2. Stay alert near campus construction sites – It’s an exciting time to be studying at UC with work on several building projects nearing completion. Construction work on the new UCSA building, which will be a vibrant central hub for students, is also expected to start mid-year.

    Take extra care when you’re near campus building sites – watch out for trucks and construction vehicles coming and going, and follow any detours and signs in place.

  3. Report hazards on campus – If you notice a hazard around campus report it to Security, call 0800 823 637. Just let them know what and where the hazard is, and the Security team will get it sorted. You could be helping to prevent potential chaos!