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UCSA club’s annual general meetings

It’s that time of the year again when clubs on campus conduct their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and either hire or recruit a new panel of executives for the next academic year.

Here’s a handy little explanation of the processes with relevant details of my top three clubs on campus.

AGMs , as the name suggests, are held once a year for all club members where nominated potential executives stand in election. Voting is on the spot and open to club members only. Other activities in such meetings include: disclosing the year’s statistics, discussing the progress and maybe even providing a sneak peak into what’s in store for the next academic year.

While some clubs choose to take a democratic approach and have the members decide who should lead their clubs, others choose to hire them based on specific criteria to ensure the continued successful running of their dear club.

The best way to keep updated on AGM events is the respective club’s social pages, particularly Facebook. These announcements provide all the details you will need. Listed below are three of my favourite clubs on campus with details of their recruitment process and reasons why I favour them…

1. Student Volunteer Armymost proactive volunteering club
Club type:                            Volunteering
Recruitment process:   Hiring (application)
Application deadline:   Thursday 11 September 2014
Available positions:       15
Contact person:               Grace Smart (

Applications page:

2. ENSOCmost social club
Club type:                                        Social
Recruitment process:               Elections
Application deadline:                Wednesday 17 September 2014, 10pm
AGM date, time and venue:  Monday 22 September, 5.30pm, C2 Lecture Theatre 
Available positions:                   15
Applications page: 3.

3. UCiSA –  Well, I’m Indian
Club type:                                        Cultural
Recruitment process:               Elections
Application deadline:                Wednesday 17 September 2014, 10pm
Available positions:                   5
AGM date, time and venue:  Thursday 11 September 2014, 5.30pm, Kirkwood KD05
Applications page:–UlY/viewform 

So make sure you find out about the meetings and elections of the clubs you’re most interested in and go along to vote or simply go to catch up with mates and have a good yarn.

Andrew Drummond’s ‘Energy Device’ to enrich the University’s art collection!

The University of Canterbury’s Art Collection just got a lot richer with the addition of Andrew Drummond’s ‘Energy Device’!

A piece with central components of two branches of European beech joined together in a twisted copper cone and filled with wax, now  finds a new home at the University and adds to the existing collection of four other Andrew Drummond  pieces held by the University. The University of Canterbury’s Art Collection curator Jamie Hanton says “the latest addition strengthens the collection.”

The ANZ bank has generously donated the sculpture to the University after possessing it for more than 15 years. The sculpture, which is of national significance, was purchased by the bank in 1995 and displayed proudly in their Hereford Street branch in Christchurch and  was eventually transferred to Blenheim in January 1999 where it has been ever since, and displayed with the same pride.

Acquisition of this piece, which will be displayed in the Central Library, Puaka-James Hight, is a matter of great pride and joy for UC as Andrew Drummond has been associated with the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts significantly in the past. This piece is a physical representation of the relationship the University shares with the inspiring Kiwi artist.


The University has proudly reported its ranking as New Zealand’s no.1 university in two out of four rankings  that were recently announced by the  New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

According to the TEC, UC has the highest proportion of students completing qualifications as well as the highest ratio of students progressing into higher levels of education into various NZ universities. UC was also the first university in New Zealand to be rated five stars by international university QS rankings company and remains among the top three percent of universities in the world.

Here are the specific stats from the rankings as published by the University:

  1. “The proportion of Canterbury students who completed their qualifications was 88%, compared with the national average of 81%.
  2.  The proportion of Canterbury students who progressed to study at a higher level was 95%, with the national average at 79%.
  3. The university was ranked 3rd in the successful completion of courses and for students who remained in study.”

So, be proud to be a part of UC; a holistic university with exceptional academic and social standards of excellence, that is not only recognised nationally as one of the best, but also across the globe.