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Changes to SBS access

As of 5.00pm this Friday 15 September, the north-south route through the SBS building will no longer be accessible as the ramp on the northern side will be removed.

The SBS building can still be accessed from a new ramp on the southern side, but not from the northern side due to the von Haast demolition and rebuild project.

Alternate access to the north side of campus is down the western side of the von Haast site or via Forestry Road.

Homestead Lane Speed Limit

With so much student accommodation nearby, Homestead Lane is busy at the best of times, with buses, cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

When construction traffic is added to this mix, it is really important to stick to the 30km per hour speed limit along the whole length of the road.

If you are driving along Homestead Lane, please take extra care to ensure the safety of yourself and others by adhering to this speed limit.

Think first – Kia maatara

It’s super busy out there! Whether you’re walking, cycling, skateboarding or driving keep an eye on those around you to avoid any collisions.

And if you’re travelling near a construction site, be extra vigilant – you never know what’s around the corner.

Animated video image

Think first. Kia mataara.

Take care around construction sites on campus. Kia mataara!