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Heads up: Plastic Free July is just around the corner


A group of UC students are so passionate about reducing plastic waste that they are taking on the Plastic Free July challenge!

Plastic Free July is a worldwide charitable foundation that aims to raise awareness of the problems, dangers and amount of single-use disposable plastic in our lives, as well as challenges people to do something about it. Every year for the month of July, they challenge consumers to rethink their plastic consumption habits, and encourage us to use alternatives – think reusable coffee cups instead of single-use takeaway cups, and reusable bags over plastic ones.

If you aren’t already trying to minimise single use plastics in your life, this Plastic Free July is a great place to start! You can do the challenge for a day, a week or the whole month. You can try to refuse all single-use plastic or try ‘just’ the top 4: plastic bags, water bottles, takeaway coffee cups and straws.

So, what are we doing about raising awareness at UC? The Sustainability Office currently has nine wonderful Eco Volunteers who are going to be sharing some of their experiences and challenges during Plastic Free July!

Poppy, Juliet and George are planning to explore Christchurch and let us know their favourite spots for zero waste grocery shopping and other essentials. They also promise there will be lots of coffee involved (in reusable cups of course), so prepare for some café chat too!

Emily and Helena will also be blogging. Their focus is BYO (bring your own) reusable cups and containers. In what looks to be an eating and drinking crawl of Christchurch, Emily and Helena will be checking out where you can take your own containers for takeaway food and drinks, and where you can’t!

Finally: Jess, Jessica, Varvara and Helena are holding a DIY Zero Waste Essentials Workshop on Tuesday 24 July, from 12pm – 2pm in Undercroft 101. They will be showing off their sewing and DIY skills, and teaching you how to make your own produce bags, beeswax wraps (gladwrap is out!) and even face and body scrubs. And the best part – you get to take what you make home!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for the month of July for all the event information, and tips and tricks from our volunteers on going plastic free for the month (or, longer).

Are you keen to take on the Plastic Free July challenge too? You don’t have to go all out! You can choose to do it for a day, week or the whole month. Have a look on the website for ideas on how to get started (and no, you don’t need to sign up)!

If you’re interested in being involved in sharing your experiences during Plastic Free July, please contact the UC Sustainability Office, they would love to hear from you!

This message was brought to you by the UC Sustainability Office. Connect with us through Facebook or Instagram. Or email us:


Well-liked lecturer awarded UC’s Teaching Medal for 2018

Professor Jon Harding has won the prestigious University of Canterbury Teaching Medal for 2018.

A student favourite, he has also been nominated by you for the UCSA Lecturer of the Year Award seven times.

Dr Michelle Greenwood, one of his former doctoral students is now a freshwater ecologist working for the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and reflects on Jon’s teaching style.

“His engaging teaching style, which couples intriguing anecdotes with theoretical concepts, makes lectures exciting and the key messages clear and easy to recall.”

Professor Harding has been a lecturer, first in UC’s Zoology department and then the School of Biological Sciences, for 18 years. His specialist teaching areas include freshwater biology, entomology and invasive species biosecurity.

Assistant Vice-Chancellor Professor Catherine Moran, who is the Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee that recommends a winner to UC Council, said “as a student he was one of those who sat quietly in the class trying to avoid being asked questions. Jon knows those students, and what they are going through. So he makes a concerted effort to engage with them. He wants to know if his students are learning, and it shows.”

UC Chancellor Dr John Wood said “the Teaching Medal has been awarded only 10 times before, and Professor Harding is an outstanding medal nominee.”

Mid-year exam room allocations

Room allocations for the 2018 mid-year exams were released today, Friday 1 June.  You will receive an email with your personal timetable and the full information will be posted on the examinations dates and timetables webpage. From next week, this information will also be available on noticeboards in the Engineering, Central, North Arts and South Arts, Mere Mere (Business and Law) and Ōtakaro Lecture blocks.

Please double-check that you have recorded the right course codes, days and times of your examinations. On the day of your exam, make sure you are at the exam room at least 10 minutes before the official start of your exam.

If these are your first university exams or you need a quick reminder, please spend some time familiarising yourself with the UC examination instructions especially the new regulations regarding cell phones/watches (both digital and analogue) in exams and the UC Calculator policy for the identification of standard non-programmable calculators in exams. Exams which require a calculator with an ‘approved’ sticker are indicated in the instructions. Students are responsible for ensuring that their calculators meet requirements. No spare calculators will be provided to the exam room. You can get your calculator checked at the Student Services desk, ground floor of Matariki building.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Examinations team.