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Take your OE while you are still at UC!

If you’ve ever wanted to travel and study at the same time, it’s possible through an overseas exchange. UCXchange programme was set up to allow students to study for one or two semesters of the university year at a partner university of their choice. There are over fifty different universities that have partnered up with the University of Canterbury to make this happen, including those in: Asia, Europe, North America and Australia!

There are multiple benefits that come along with the incredible experience of a student exchange! Depending on which university you choose, you may learn a new language, or add value to your degree by choosing courses which aren’t available at UC. As you are thrust into a new environment you will learn to be outgoing and more independent. Furthermore, future employers will see you as a well-rounded individual with a greater appreciation for different cultures and traditions.

Now you may be thinking that this all sounds amazing, but how will you afford it? International fees can be extremely expensive! Well luckily for you while you’re overseas you’ll continue to pay your regular UC course fees. Additionally you can still receive your student loan or allowance through Studylink. You will however be responsible for paying your own living expenses, though many scholarships are available to help with these types of costs. UC also offers financial support to eligible students going on exchange and you can contact the International Relationships Office to find out more.

Often the earliest that you will be approved for an exchange is in the second semester of the second year of your degree. This is so that you’ll have a full year of grades on your transcript for the overseas university to assess when you apply. However, if you are a first-year student and have achieved a GPA of 7.0 or above in Semester One, the Colleges will be open to considering your application for an exchange in Semester One of the following year. Note that all partner universities accept students with one semester of grades on their transcripts.

If you’re interested in going overseas for an exchange you will need to seek advice from your department or College to find out how your courses can be credited to your degree and do careful research on course offerings at the partner universities. Check out the UCXchange programme website for advice on how to plan your study for your exchange. Some of UC’s partner universities are still accepting applications for the second semester of 2015, so get in quick! The next exchange you could apply for after that will take place in 2016. There will be a UCXchange information seminar in semester one of 2015.

Feel free to contact the University of Canterbury International Relationships Office at  to find out more about UCXchange.

Mentoring at UC

The University of Canterbury (UC) has sound, well organised support systems for pretty much anything a student may require during their time here to ensure their success and to support their goals.

One of many such efficient support systems, is the Mentoring Programme. Put into place by the Student Success department and run by Jane Hall, the Mentoring Programme can be your tool to success at all things UC.

To put it simply, the Mentoring Programme is a buddy system; a system that pairs up any student who  seeks help (mentee) with an experienced, well-seasoned UC student (mentor), potentially with similar interests and definitely in the same field of education.

The beauty of it is that it’s free, on campus and is open to anyone from UC without any restrictions. You could be here for your entire degree or even just a semester and can be a mentee/mentor for as long as you like. The programme is designed for you to make the most of it, as much as or as little as you need it. You can use the programme to excel academically using your mentor’s insider’s knowledge  or even find groupies to quad bike your way through NZ (yes, I’ve been told personally that this has happened before).

The way I see it, this programme can be your secret weapon to get you through and make your time more worthwhile at UC. It’s like a physical, tangible version of the Insider’s Guide to UC that is guaranteed to enhance and enrich your time.

Watch this video of a mentor sharing her experience that could give you a better idea of the programme. The best person to contact to be a mentee/mentor, or simply for more information, is Jane Hall the Mentoring Coordinator. Find her details and an online registration form here or comment below and we can sort you out.

Orientation Day for new students


If you are new to UC this year don’t forget to register for Orientation Day on Friday 20 February. Orientation Day is your essential guide to everything at UC in 2015.

Orientation is the best way to find out what university life has to offer. It is exclusive to new students but there is also an opportunity for parents to find out more about the University with a range of special orientation events designed for mum and dad, so feel free to bring them along too.

Check out the programme and more information on the Orientation Day website.