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My friends are leaving me behind

It used to be a bit sad watching all my friends ‘move on’ in the world after university. They’d travel, get married, buy a house – they were earning money. Of course, what they never talked about is what it takes to actually earn that money – 40 hours a week. For the rest of your life. That’s what that means.

But I really struggled with the idea that I was being ‘left behind’. That I was potentially replaceable in their new world – for the first time, we weren’t all moving along in the same way at the same time. And that really scared me. It scared me to think I might not be able to catch up at the end, either.

As a woman, who wants kids, factoring in that part of my life is a big thing in academics and moving into a career. If I have kids when I’m just entering the workforce, that will impact on my experience. If I have them while I finish studying – how long will I then be studying for?

But the reality is (and it took me a long time to get to this realisation), even though my friends and I are on different stages, and probably will be for a while yet – we’re still friends. I’m still with them. What is this end bit, anyway? What’s the end? Is it a job? Is it when I have kids too? The more I define myself as similar or different I open us all up to comparison. When in reality, I’m just me. And they’re them. We’re all walking different paths. One of my friends is a nurse – she studied that and went straight into that job. The others went to university, and only one of them is now working in a field vaguely related to what they studied (they all did BComs, btw, so stop digging on the Arts students).

Are any of us in a spot we thought we’d be in eight years ago? No way. So who knows where we’ll be in the next eight years. And that’s really cool. I can’t wait to share that journey with them.

Written by Aimee Winters 

Ashalyna Noa in Samoa = Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship recipient

Ashalyna Noa is in Samoa at the moment doing her research working towards her PhD. This has been made possible in part to the UC Pasifika Doctoral Scholarship which Ash won. The good news is that two of these scholarships are on offer again for next year but applications close on 15th October.

Watch Ahalyna’s video then either apply or share this to all your family and friends that this could help. What an awesome opportunity!

Ahalyna Noa Pasifika Scholarship video still

Call for Research Report stories – UC’s best and brightest

The Research Report is an excellent opportunity to profile some of UC’s best and brightest.

Copies are sent to key contacts in business, industry, education and the political sphere. Around 30 stories are published each year. One of the goals of the report is to demonstrate, through feature articles and across all disciplines, the real world impact of research at UC.

2017 theme: The focus of the 2017 Research Report will be on UC’s doctoral research and will consider the role of the student, the research and the supervisory team.

If you have an idea for a feature that supports the 2017 theme, please take a little time to fill in the following questions and return it marked Subject: Research Report,  to:  by end of day Friday 22 September.

If you have any queries regarding the Research Report, please contact Grant Barrie in Research and Innovation: ext 95667 or

Read the Research Report 2016 here and find archives of the report here.

  1. Story angle/relevance : Describe your story idea, how it relates to the theme, and why it presents an opportunity for UC.
  1. What is the ‘need to know?’ What, where, who, why, when. Bullet points on this are welcome.
  1. Why would this research matter to someone who is not a staff member or student at UC? What is the real-world impact? How will it improve society?
  1. Timeliness for Research Report 2017 – what dates are driving this research? Acknowledging that postgraduate research takes place over a number of years, why is the research relevant / continue to be relevant in 2017? Is something in particular happening, or anticipated?
  1. Who is involved? Please list the student, research team and supervisory team. Please ensure both the supervisor and student are happy to put the story idea forward.
  1. Photo/video opportunities? Is there something unique? What opportunities are there for a powerful, dramatic photograph that adds value to the story, or even makes the cover? Is there a dynamic highly visual opportunity that would look great on video?

Note: Research Report stories are frequently repurposed across all UC communication channels, e.g. as blogs, media releases or via social media.

We very much look forward to receiving your ideas for features by end of day Friday 22 September to

Grant Barrie
Research & Innovation