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Postgrad Student Blog: Into the Unknown

If you have ever stopped to think about why you have chosen certain paths in life, surely, like me, you won’t find an immediate answer. However, over time, that questioning inevitably finds its response as a consequence of the first step of the journey itself.

I clearly remember the day I started the Master of Human Interface Technology (MHIT) programme at the HIT Lab NZ. Each one of my classmates introduced themselves; everybody had different backgrounds. I was not the exception. When my turn came, I said: “Hello, my name is Gonzalo, I have a background in psychology, and I am uncertain as to what I’m doing here.” We all laughed together with empathy. I believe that was a shared feeling. Surprisingly, communicating my uncertainty brought an immediate sense of security. After that precise moment, I knew that I had lied. Indeed, I couldn’t have been anywhere else. The HIT Lab NZ was the only place where I wanted to be. Since then, the response to my self-contemplation started to take shape.

I joined the MHIT program to learn about cutting-edge technologies, with a focus on innovative training tools to promote the development of engaging learning experiences. My studies in psychology equipped me with rewarding knowledge and expertise. However, as expected, there was not so much scope for the analysis of technical developments. Thus, I carefully considered how compatible my background and the MHIT program were. That insightful thought was probably one of the biggest warning signs. Something told me “do not risk it”.

I suppose that I could tell stories about how I developed skills that were not within my reach before undertaking the MHIT programme, or how much I now enjoy writing code. But I suppose I’m not writing these lines to sell something, but rather to share and provide meaning to people with similar desires or experiences wanting to venture into unfamiliar areas of research.

More than a year has passed since that first day of class. Happily, I have finished the programme, and I believe I have acquired a unique set of skills not often found in my profession. Without a doubt, the overall experience offered by the MHIT programme provided the necessary grounds required to achieve my personal goals. But that’s not the end of the story, as I’ve only grappled the surface, and I’ve realised there is so much I am yet to learn.

Today I am grateful I did the MHIT programme. Of course, it was not easy, as nothing worth having is easy to achieve. Thus, as long as the desire exists, I encourage those who question themselves, to venture into unknown areas of knowledge. I truly believe the beauty of thinking thrives through diversity. Certainly, great things will come with the right amount of passion and the right combination of skills. The MHIT programme has provided those skills for me.

Gonzalo Suarez

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