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Impact Summit is back for its third year

Impact Summit 2020

Impact Summit 2020 will empower you to create a more sustainable world, one decision at a time.

Come and be inspired by a variety of speakers, learn something new in a workshop and meet new people.
Join us at 1:00pm – 4:30pm on Saturday 10 October at the University of Canterbury. Limited tickets available, secure yours now!
Keynote speaker: Malcolm Rands (ecostore co-founder and Fairground Foundation executive chairman), will share his entrepreneurial journey and insights around sustainability, innovation and the environment.
Panel Discussion: Sustainability experts from a variety of sectors will discuss what you can do to ensure a sustainable future and will answer questions from the audience. Facilitated by award-winning journalist Rod Oram.
• Brianne West – Founder and CEO of Ethique
• Tony Moore – Sustainability Advisor at Christchurch City Council
• Veronica Harwood-Stevenson – Founder and CEO of Humble Bee
• Logan Williams – Entrepreneur, Inventor and Scientist
You’ll also get the choice between a range of workshops, including:
• Money talks. What’s yours saying?
• Designing solutions for the 21st Century
• How to identify what matters
• Let’s talk SDGs
• What do the eco-labels really mean?
• Turning waste into value

Get your ticket now!

UC Student Blogger | Equality at UC – Finding your Place

All students at UC are entitled to be viewed equally. There should be no question in this. If you or someone else you know experience inequality, then you should never be hesitant to reach out. As a community we need to take care of one another, so don’t let any form of bullying or harassment happen without reaching out for assistance.

Uni is a place where you can meet different people and make new connections, and UC is committed to creating a diverse environment that is packed full of differing cultures, religions and beliefs. Each and every person within the UC community should be free to express their beliefs and should be respectful of others. 

UC provides equal support and opportunities, and there is no reason to deprive any individual student, or specific group of students, from any opportunity. If you experience any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination, please do not hesitate to raise your concerns – if you need support, you can get in touch with the Equity and Wellbeing Advisory Group. They will be able to assist you with any question or complaint you may have now or in the future. Of course the UCSA will always be willing to listen to problems you may be encountering in your time at UC.

Equality and wellbeing at UC does not need to fit into any one category, but there are a few specialist areas that could be of assistance at one time or another. These include: 

Read more on equality at UC here> 


Looking for a fun craft activity this weekend?

DIY face coverings seem to be the most fun way to get your craft on at the moment, and since they’re going to be mandatory for anyone using public transport under Alert Level 2, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite how-to guides:

Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial for beginners

This tutorial promises to show you ‘How to view the VERY BEST Fitted Fabric Face Mask with Filter Pocket and Nose Support 

This one is great for anyone with a beard!

For all this and more, check out this list of unisex face covering tutorials>

UPDATE – If you’re keen for a more collaborative project, the UC Sustainability Office and SVA have now started reusable face mask workshops! You can sign up to register as a volunteer at next week’s workshops using the link here

Sewing experience is not required, but we welcome your enthusiasm and donations of fabric, thread and sewing machines!