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Summer Academic Skills Workshops

Don’t wait – use the summer break to ensure you have the skills needed to succeed in 2021. Check out the free ASC summer workshops and enrol online now!

Reminder: UC Virtual Exchange this Summer

Applications for the Audencia Winter programme (UC’s summer) closes tomorrow 11 November.

You can still apply for the WHU Summer programme before 19 November. See below for details.


Get ahead with your degree with a top Business School in Europe!

International experience doesn’t stop with the closure of the borders! UC’s Global Exchange partners, Audencia Business School (a “triple crown” accredited Business School) and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management (#1 German Business School for degree programs) are offering virtual exchange courses to students this summer.

These exchanges give you the incredible opportunity to do virtual (online) study and work with students from around the world for a short period during the NZ summer. Just like a normal exchange programme, you pay only UC tuition fees and the credits you gain from WHU or Audencia are recognised by the UC Business School.

Why take a virtual exchange?

  • Get ahead with your degree this summer
  • Study with a top Business School in Europe
  • Pay UC tuition fees, get an international experience
  • Gain credits approved by UC Business School
  • Enhance your CV and broaden your cultural horizons

Programme information

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

Online Bachelor European Summer Program Australia / New Zealand 2021

  • Theme: Doing Business in Europe
  • When: 17 January to 29 January 2021 (two weeks)
  • Courses: 9 academic modules including cultural topics to be completed over 2 weeks.
  • The programme is taught in English and specifically designed for Commerce students in New Zealand and Australia. See the tentative schedule with detailed information about the programme and the WHU flyers on the UC Global Exchange website.
  • Entry requirement: At least 1 year of study towards your BCom at UC (with at least a B- average GPA).
  • UC credit: You will receive 15 points unspecified 200-level Commerce credit for successfully completing and meeting all of the requirements of the full WHU 2-week Summer programme.
  • Standard UC tuition fee for a 15 point 200-level Commerce course and WHU’s registration fee.

Audencia Business School – online Winter Term (UC’s summer)

  • When: 4 January to 26 February 2021 (you will study for two weeks during this period with flexible dates and module selection).
  • Courses (modules): The programme is fully modular and very flexible: each module lasts 1 week. You will choose two modules from the available options and may select modules in any weeks that fit your schedule and interests. See information about the programme including the schedule, courses and assessments on Audencia’s brochure and course catalogue. Each module comprises 24 teaching hours. Programme is taught in English.
  • Entry requirements: Completion of 2 years of study towards your BCom at UC (with a B- average) This may include Semester 2 2020 courses.
  • UC credit:  You will receive 15 points unspecified 300-level Commerce credit for successfully completing and meeting the requirements of any two Audencia modules of the Winter programme. Specific course credit will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Standard UC tuition fee for a 15 point 300-level Commerce course.


Application deadlines

  • Audencia Business School: 11 November 2020 (Note: Audencia has extended its application deadline for UC applicants)
  • WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management: 19 November 2020

If you need advice on your degree completion, please contact the Student Advisors at the UC Business School. Email: or Book an appointment with a Student Advisor online (please include ‘Virtual Exchange’ in the bookings)

Questions? Contact the UC Global Exchange Team, International Relationships Office. Email: Phone: +64 (3) 369 3876 ext. 93876

For more information see the UC Global Exchange Programme > 

UC Student Blogger | Summer School 2020/2021

What’s Summer School all about? If you’re looking to fast track your study, improve your skills or balance your workload, Summer School can help you get ahead. Find out more from one of our UC Student Bloggers: 

Here at the University of Canterbury, Summer School is offered in two sessions: a November session and a January session. This means that you can still catch up on uni work without sacrificing your entire summer. Summer School does not need to run continuously. You can do two papers in any one of these sessions. Last summer, I completed two classes by distance in both November and January. This was to catch up on points I’d missed out on the previous year and doing it by distance was appealing so I could work at the same time without worrying about making it to a lecture at a specific time. I ended up taking Introduction to New Zealand Treaty Society in November and How and Why People Learn in January. Both were very interesting, easy to follow papers. Throughout summer I didn’t worry about having to get back into studying once the uni year started again but also didn’t feel as though I had sacrificed my entire summer. It really was a best of both worlds situation for me.

I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll do Summer School again this year but I wouldn’t rule it out. It was a good experience for me last summer and lightening up my course load for 2021 is a tempting idea. UC has introduced a greater number of distance study options for summer 2020/2021 so it’s more tempting than ever to get ahead.

There are papers offered for most degrees, and there’s always the option of signing up for a PACE internship. This allows to you complete 15 or 30 points over the summer whilst gaining work experience. This can be very helpful in searching for jobs and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Summer School can be covered by study link and you may be eligible for living costs throughout this time also. You can complete up to 30 points per summer. It’s a great opportunity and worth it if you’re willing to put in that extra bit of effort. Don’t think that you can’t work or go on holiday just because of Summer School. When I completed 30 points over summer I was working at least 30 hours a week and managed to squeeze in a two week holiday too. Summer School is absolutely worth it and I strongly encourage you to look at the course catalogue to see if any papers are appealing to you. You might just discover a new passion or interest. I know I did.

More info: