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Emerging Canterbury artists exhibition

Each year Murray & Co in Christchurch puts on an annual exhibition of emerging artists from the UC’s School of Fine Arts.

170602 UC Exhibition Information

This year the exhibition is being held at The Piano, the beautiful new centre for music and the arts in the central city. A private opening function will be held on the evening of 13 June, and then the public is welcome to view the works every lunchtime (12 noon-2pm) from 14 to  28 June at no charge.

All works are for sale, with the proceeds going directly to the artists. This is a great opportunity to view some stunning pieces while exploring hidden parts of this architectural gem, The Piano.

Charlotte Jackson – “This selection of works is from my 'Instant Food Series' 2016. The body of work consists of 12 paintings in total, and was created for my third year painting project. The series focuses on the depiction of various instant foods you can find on a day-to-day basis. The original inspiration for this series was to generate a body of work that reflected the historical antecedents of Still Life, but could also fit into a Contemporary context. As the series evolved, I decided to explore the realms of scale, and how size affected compositional elements within the work.”

Maia Abraham –  “Ko Maia Abraham ahau, no te mana whenua o Tauranga Moana me nga tupuna hoki o tera rohe ki Katikati. I now live in Otautahi Christchurch while I study. Throughout my practice as an artist I am dealing with my identity and my context as a person within the society of Aotearoa. I draw and celebrate aspects of my culture such as performance art, objects, adornment and cultural practices through the presentation of my art. Reflecting on and understanding traditional practices are very important to me but it’s also important for me to allow my culture."

Student support on campus

Student support – how’s it going for you right now? Great support is available here at UC. If  you need to talk to someone, or find that your studies are being affected, check out the dedicated support teams here on campus at,  as well as info at a glance below.

Support Services on campus - contacts

Exams – procrastinate with purpose…really!

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Exam period for me is probably the time when I feel like I’m under the most pressure and stress. It’s in this time that looking after yourself is really important both mentally and physically.

Leading up to an exam , the importance of having a good rest goes a long way. I know this can be hard when most people are trying to cram but if you can do it, I feel like it allows you to make it through the exam a lot easier. Being well rested is one thing but I also find that having a time between exams to do non-study related things also helps.  For me this involves things like doing exercise or seeing a view , such as going to the hills. I like to call this, procrastinating with purpose.

Another thing that happens just after an exam is you can get hung up on what you did wrong, what you could’ve done better and worrying about a grade that you won’t know for another month. What I realised is that there is no use in worrying about something that you no longer have control over. By not lingering, it allows you to stop stressing and also put more focus on your next role which is, preparing for the next exam

To summarise my top tips for surviving and thriving during the exam period are

  • get some rest
  • procrastinate with purpose
  • don’t linger on a finished exam.

All in all, exam period is indeed a stressful time, but there’s nothing quite like that feeling of getting through the exam period, and finally having a well deserved break. Work hard now for the amazing feeling at the end.

– Wesley

Need support? Contact: Pacific Development Team on  or phone 369 3554.

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