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Opportunities and advice for making the most of your time at UC, as well as stories featuring students who are excelling in their field.

Clever Tactix to excel at sport and study at UC

There are not one but two University of Canterbury graduates in the 2017 Silvermoon Tactix squad.

21.02.2017 Photo shoot for the Tactix. Mandatory Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

Marianne Delaney-Hoshek
Tactix Assistant Coach
UC Graduate, Bachelor of Education

Was it hard to juggle sport and study?
I learnt to be well organised. I think study and sport really benefit each other – being fit helps you learn and my studies helped to stop me thinking about netball 24/7.

How did UC help you manage the balance?
I had really understanding tutors and I got help deciding which papers would be best given my time constraints. Timing was very important and my peers were really good at helping me catch up on notes.

Would you recommend UC?
I loved my time at UC. I even had a wee job taking fitness classes at the Rec Centre, which was a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend UC to students – there is a fantastic vibe in Christchurch with so many cool new places to explore. The variety offered at UC is amazing and I loved the friendly and warm atmosphere. It was a really easy transition from school.

21.02.2017 Photo shoot for the Tactix. Mandatory Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

Hayley Saunders
Tactix player: Centre/Wing Defence
UC Graduate, Bachelor of Social Work

Was it hard to juggle sport and study?
I’ve definitely become more organised. It’s taught me to think ahead; something as simple as packing your bag for five different things the next day. But it’s definitely doable. UC made it achievable.

How did UC help you manage the balance?
The Social Work department were super understanding. They knew I’d do what was expected of me and come to everything I could. In return they might record a lecture, or give me an extension if I’d been away.

Would you recommend UC?
Definitely, especially for people like me who are into their sport. Here you can integrate everything; you don’t have to make sacrifices. They made it easy at UC.

Red Cross First Aid Training for students

The awesome Red Cross First-Aid trainers have worked out two options for students who are interested in the comprehensive first-aid course. This course is suitable for all engineering, teaching and forestry students, but is also useful for general work-places.

All courses will be held in Kirkwood Village and are 8-12 hours long, depending on the option that students choose. Students can book themselves in a course by heading over to our Facebook page. These courses are exclusive to UC students only. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook group ‘U C Red’ for more information.

First Aid Poster

Don’t be shy! Patua te whakamā!

ASCThe term will be over before you know it, and if you could use help with:

  • Exam prep
  • Grammar
  • Report & essay writing
  • Improving your English
  • Time management
  • Oral presentations

check out the Academic Skills Centre (ASC). We can give you feedback on your work, help you unpack a tricky question, or discuss how to optimise your study time.

Shania is a 4th year student at UC studying Human Services and Criminal Justice. In her words, “every time I come, everyone’s really friendly and I don’t feel silly asking anything because they’re always really helpful. I come out of it with confidence because they always give me guidance and the key steps to go from”.

Click here for more information or you can pop into level 3, Puaka-James Hight, or ring on 369 3900. We’re open during term break too.