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Opportunities and advice for making the most of your time at UC, as well as stories featuring students who are excelling in their field.

Help getting a job…like a real adult!

If you’re out of pocket and looking for a job, there are plenty of opportunities through UC to find something which suits you. UC CareerHub is the perfect place to look for newly advertised jobs and positions available at UC; such as through the shops, and food outlets on campus. UC CareerHub also advertises internship and work experience opportunities which are extremely valuable in the eyes of future employers, and give you important skills for your not too distant future.  Not only does UC CareerHub advertise jobs, they also hold events on success, writing a good CV, preparing for a job interview and many more relevant topics.

Student Job Search is another great place to go for jobs which are specifically looking for students! As the homepage says “Employers hire graduates with work experience”, so go on apply and get earning some moolah! You can even create your own online account where you can add jobs to a watchlist, submit CVs to apply for positions, and receive email alerts about jobs you’re keeping an eye on.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself hired!

Student Jobs @ UC

Student Jobs @ UC


Beautiful Identities App

Hazel Guyan, a UC graduate from 2014 has created a website app directed towards young people who suffer from mental or physical illnesses and disabilities. The app called “Beautiful Identities” provides inspiration and encourages a positive attitude from individuals coming to terms with a diagnosis. Guyan has created a community which provides support for those who need it. Here’s the full story…

If you need advice on how to cope with mental illness or a physical disability contact the UC Student Support team. They’re professionals  who want to help and you don’t need to go it alone.

Student Volunteer Army work in Ilam and Riccarton

In May 2014 the University of Canterbury’s Student Volunteer Army (SVA) worked together with law firm, Duncan Cotterill to help out in the local Christchurch community. This year the SVA will focus on the area around Ilam and Riccarton to forge a positive relationship between the students and the local residents.  Duties carried out by the volunteers included gardening, baking, cleaning graffiti and other general maintenance.  Currently the SVA, which is a club on campus, has over 1300 members. Further community projects are planned for the remainder of the year and anyone can join! Sign up here…

UC Student Volunteer Army helping the community.

UC Student Volunteer Army helping the community.