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Library website changes

The Library website is being updated. The change takes place on Tuesday 19 September.  There may be some pages which are temporarily unavailable from 7am onwards but work on the site should be completed by midday.

The following services will NOT be affected and will remain available:




Subject guides:

All databases, ebooks and journals will be accessible throughout.

Work on the Library website is to migrate the content to the new UC content management system and will provide an improved look and feel. Feedback on the new website is welcomed.  Please send your comments to Helen Thomas or use our feedback/contacts form:

How to unlearn homophobia

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Have you ever heard someone say ‘that’s so gay’ and had that icky feeling in your gut? This happened to me on the bus recently and I found myself confronted by an ethical and moral dilemma. When do you give nothing, and when do you speak up?

A person in the UC community also noted to me the irony of the saying being used in a conversation during a te reo class – a context on campus which actively encourages inclusiveness. People think that’s not really bad ‘on the scale of things’ but passive homophobia can be just as damaging as an aggressive homophobic verbal attack because it inhibits the rights of people to feel free and confident to be who they are, where they are. This person had no idea who they might be sitting beside and how it might affect them.

Friday 17 August was the day of silence. The National Day of Silence is a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, name-calling and harassment in schools. The goal of the Day of Silence is to make schools safer for all students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Often times it is the casual homophobia that causes the most damage, like the saying ‘that’s so gay.’

I encourage you to download and print posters to put up on your noticeboards. Download posters here>

You can also check out the LGBTQIA+ info page.

Please tell students and staff about the new safe space on campus for rainbow communities – Locke Room 109a. The space was granted to QCanterbury by the College of Arts, and named the ‘Robin Duff Room’ in honour of a former UC student leader who poured his heart and soul into advocating for LGBTQIA+ people on our campus and beyond during the years surrounding the Homosexual Law Reform of 1986.

Two weeks at the Paris School of Business

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Commerce student Hikaru Lim shares his experience on the new Paris School of Business short programme exchange he went on during Mid-year Break.

I have been fortunate and privileged to be one of UC’s first students to participate in Paris School of Business’ (PSB) short study programme for two weeks during our winter break. The programme consisted of a choice of two streams; Luxury Brand Management or Doing Business and Entrepreneurship in Europe. I chose the latter due to my prior interest in Europe and how relevant the course would be for my International Business major.

All classes had a mix of teaching time, discussion and in-class tasks. With a class, full of students from different cultural backgrounds and countries, in-class discussions and interactions were interesting and gave a new perspective to certain ideas and topics that would never be explored or brought up in New Zealand

The course covered, intercultural management, data analysis, digital business, the political and regulatory environment of the EU, strategic management, disruptive business methods, innovation and entrepreneurship, and product development and design. As well as the lectures, there were extracurricular activities such as a welcome breakfast, river boat cruise along the Seine, a French aperitif, cooking classes and incubator visits to La Paillasse (focusing on science and technology startups) and Creatis (focusing on arts and cultural startups).

The course is taught in English and is open to students with a minimum of one year of undergraduate business study or two years of undergraduate study in any field. Knowledge of French language is not a requirement however advantageous for daily activities outside the classroom.

Personally, having studied French at high school and at 200 level at UC to credit towards my International Business major, it was the perfect opportunity to practice my French and experience French culture first hand.

Participating in this short study programme has been an invaluable experience. I learnt about different perspectives in both known and new concepts in both business and culture and got the opportunity to meet and network with new people.

For those interested in participating in the course for the January 2018 intake, contact Rhiannon at to register your interest. There are also details about enroling are on PSB’s website>