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UC Student Blogger | Why you should give an internship a go

Internships are an amazing opportunity that are open to all students! An internship is when you work within a company or organisation to learn skills outside of formal learning environments. They’re a fantastic way of learning about different industries and jobs while you’re still deciding your future career.

When I started university, completing an internship was a goal of mine. I didn’t realise that I could even get points for doing it. In the first semester of 2020, my second year of studying, I had the opportunity through my French lecturer to intern at Burnside Primary School. This was within their French immersion class. The internship was organised through the PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) programme at UC. These are available as both 15 and 30 point courses at 200 and 300-level. I completed a 30-point internship at 300 level, contributing toward a major.

If the thought of another lockdown is stopping you from applying, please know that internships can still continue in some capacity throughout Level 4. I got to participate in Zoom show-and-tell with my class and could resume my internship in-person as soon as we went to Level 2. All the other interns that started in the PACE programme with me were able to complete their internships throughout lockdown, there were some small changes to the programme to accommodate the changes to our work environments. It didn’t feel quite right for me to leave Burnside Primary at the end of the semester, and the school was happy for me to stay on so I ended up continuing my internship for an additional year.

My PACE internship was one key reason why I graduated university a full semester early. More than that I found the experience to be both valuable and enjoyable. Not only did I get to gain real world skills, but I enjoyed the connections I made along the way. My internship was one of the highlights of my university experience, and is something I encourage. 

Completing an internship while studying helps you stand out in future job applications. It’s so easy to complete one while you study, especially through PACE as the team will help you find an internship that suits what you’re studying.

Check out more information here> 

UC Student Blogger | Best cafe spots on campus

Interested in where the best places are on campus to satisfy your caffeine addiction or grab the best food deal? One of our UC Student Bloggers shares their favourite top three spots:  


Cafe 1894

I’ve tried and tested just about all the cafes on the UC campus, and Cafe 1894 (which you can find in the Undercroft) is my top choice. Their bagels are to die-for, and they also have the best gluten-free brownie on campus. No matter if they’re super busy or you get in before the rush, your drinks and food are always prepared super quick! The prices are also good because you can use your V-Plate discount. 


It would be rude not to mention UC’s very own bar with delicious and fresh sushi. You can find Oishii in the Undercroft under the Central Library. They’ve got welcoming inside seating options if you don’t want to sit outside. You can also get your V-Plate discount here too, which makes it more affordable and all sushi gets slashed to half price after 3pm!


Therapy, which you can find in Rehua, is my favourite cafe on campus to meet up for a coffee catch-up as they’ve got excellent seating options – you can sit where there’s a lot of buzz or sit where it’s quite quiet. The staff are lovely and never ask you to move on even when you’ve spent an hour and a half sipping one coffee.


What you think? What’s your favourite spot on campus? Check out the full list of cafes here>

PS Don’t miss out on your V-Plate discount – download the UCGO app to get your barcode, or find out more here>

UC Student Blogger | Hot tips for Re-Ori 2021

With Semester 2 coming round fast, the UCSA has lined up loads of events for Re-Ori 2021!

Make sure you check out the awesome live music events, with Grafix (UK), Flowidus, Poris, The Chats, Lee Mvtthews and loads more.

Also look out for the UCSA Boss Coffee Comedy Club on Friday 23 July. It’s guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. You can get your tickets here.

Free events

Have you seen some of UCSA’s free events?

  • Postgrad Schmooze, Thursday 15 July, 5pm-8pm – a mixer for postgrads(limited spots, preregister required).
  • Pepsi Max Presents Ngaio Movie Night, Sunday 18 July, 5.30-9.30pm – the UCSA will be showing two movies for you and your mates to enjoy
  • Te Rourou a Haere (formerly Lunch on the Lawn), Monday 19 July, 11am-2pm – free BBQ at Haere-roa’s amphitheatre
  • Te Whiringa, Monday 19 July, 6-10pm – a night of cultural festivities!
  • Clubs Day, Tuesday 20 July, 10am to 2pm – great place to see what’s on offer at UC and get involved.
  • Winter Wellness Expo, Thursday 22 July, 10am-2pm – learn about well-being and enjoy some free stuff.

Tips for Re-Ori

Here are some simple tips which will help you enjoy Te-Ori to the full:

  • Make sure you stay hydrated while you’re out
  • Look out for your mates
  • Be aware of UCSA’s no pass-out rule with their live events
  • Register with Good One when throwing a party to keep your mates safe and get help from police if you need to

Check out more information or tickets here and follow UCSA for more updates.