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UC PGSA Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Pink Ribbon Bfast

Around 400 New Zealand women under the age of 44 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Breast Cancer is much more treatable if detected early, with around 85% of women alive five years after diagnosis. This is why it is so important to raise awareness in young New Zealand women.

The UC PGSA is proud to host one of many Pink Ribbon Breakfasts this May, in support of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

The idea of the Pink Ribbon Breakfast is that anyone can host one, and anyone can help to make a difference. By hosting a breakfast, we’re asking our members to support our fundraising page and those who attend will be raising awareness for the foundation and be a part of some great discussions about Breast Cancer Awareness.

The UC PGSA Pink Ribbon Breakfast event will be held on Friday the 12th May from 8am-10am in the Undercroft 101 Seminar Room. Look out for our guest speaker and live acoustic music. Tickets are $7 and will be available from May 1st. From each ticket, $5 will go towards a donation for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and $2 will help us cover the cost of food.

For further information and tickets, check out our Facebook event page or our website.

We look forward to our members, staff, and other students getting involved with this event. It’s for such a great cause, and even if you’re not a morning person, any small donation on our page would be greatly appreciated.

Thailand Internship Programme – Apply for 2018 now

Applications are now open for the 2018 Thailand Internship Programme! If you are an undergraduate student studying at UC and interested in spending six weeks in vibrant Bangkok in Thailand follow this link for the application details and more information.

The Thailand Internship Programme is a six week programme for 14 UC students to intern in Bangkok and immerse themselves in Thai culture. There are many internship opportunities available in Bangkok, you will be placed with organisations or groups based on your interests and area of study if possible.


I was selected in the 2017 Internship Programme and have returned to UC with a unique insight into a new culture because of the range of incredible experiences I was given in Bangkok. Not only do you intern for six weeks and gain work experience in a particular field, the trip also consists of a number of weekend and day trips in and around Bangkok to give you the opportunity to understand Thai culture and respect their values and traditions.


A particular highlight for me was visiting an Elephant Sanctuary in the Kanchaburi Province where we spent the day learning about elephants and helping look after the sick, retired elephants who lived at the sanctuary. Other highlights included spending a weekend at a local fisherman’s village where we were shown traditional fishing techniques and having a Thai boxing lesson with a previous Thai boxing champion.


This was an experience I believe has shaped my future and inspired me to continue working towards my degree at UC. I would highly recommend applying for this internship and taking the opportunity to understand what it is like to work in an international and multicultural environment.

Written by Ashley Stuart

Student perspective: Why go to a Careers Fair?

Career fair

Engineering and Science Careers Fair
Wednesday 10 May 2017, 10.00am – 3.30pm
Undercroft, Puaka-James Hight building
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The Engineering and Science Careers Fair is an event you don’t want to miss.

It’s the best opportunity you will have to meet a diverse group of companies in one place, with little effort on your part. You just have to turn up!!

Some of the companies you might never have heard of, others you might know but not know what they actually do. This is your opportunity to find out. Explore what is out there and maybe find a career you never knew existed.

You would be surprised by the range of skills that companies are looking for, who knew our Defence Force is looking for people with degrees in electronics and software?

Communication skills are key to landing any job, and the Careers Fair is one of the best ways to practice before an interview. If you can sell yourself, you might be offered a job or internship then and there.

A range of big and small companies will be there, and it depends on the type of environment you want to work in. Larger companies tend to be more structured and corporate, whereas smaller companies can feel like being apart of a family.

Written by Hamish Johnston