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Voting opens soon for the UCSA election – get involved!

The University of Canterbury Students’ Association (UCSA) is holding its annual election this month, and we want all UC students to get involved!

Your vote matters, so please take the time to read about the candidates and get ready to cast your votes.  Voting is open 14–16 August. At 9am on Wednesday 14 August, you’ll receive a message to your student email that will contain your online voting link. Make sure you get into it.

Why vote? Well, the UCSA’s Executive plays a key role in campus life. Their core role is to ensure that the UCSA is operating for students. The Executive also represent you at UC by sitting on a range of college/faculty boards and project groups, while the UCSA President also sits on the University Council – UC’s governing body. Because of this, it’s important you vote for someone who best represents you.

For more information about the election, visit the UCSA website.

UCSA elections

Explore art and archives on Kā Kohika

Did you know that UC has one of New Zealand’s premier cultural heritage collections right here on campus at Macmillan Brown Library? Having access to these treasures is one of the unique benefits of studying at UC, and we just made it easier to access them online. We’ve reinvented our art and archives catalogue, Kā Kohika for easier searching, better image display and mobile compatibility.

Over 28,000 digital images of artworks and historic photographs have been uploaded to the site, which you can use in your assignments and research. The collections are here for all, so we’d love you to explore the site and contact the friendly team at Macmillan Brown Library if you need any help 

Three reasons to try Small Group Training – and win a Zone Concession pass!

Term 3 is nearly here and if you haven’t tried Small Group Training yet, this could be YOUR time!  So, why should you part with your hard earned dollars?

  1. It’s cost effective  (and time efficient!)  

SGT allows you the chance to get personalised attention from your instructor, but share the costs with others.  Your instructor will progress and regress your exercise on the spot, so you are working at the right level for you, getting maximum burn for buck.

2.  Variety   – and you don’t have to do the heavy thinking

Trying to think up new and fun ways to exercise is not always something you have time to do.  Our instructors take great pride in thinking up inventive ways to push you, whilst still making it an enjoyable session.   No two sessions will ever be the same!

3. Strength in numbers 

Your workout posse will keep you accountable.   Having the same faces around you, that you’ll get to know and love, will help keep you moving towards your goals and not slack off.  We call that collective gains. 

SGT at the UC RecCentre is popular, and with capped class sizes, they can sell out very fast!   Check out our options for Term 3 on our website, and get in quick to secure your spot. From Boxing, Bootcamp through to Ballet, we are sure to have something that fits just right for you!

To complement your SGT,  try our Zone classes – Spin, Fit45 and YogaRestore. You can win a 10-class Zone concession card simply by registering for a SGT course this term.  All student registrations will automatically go in the draw.   Entries close on the 28 July, and the winner will be notified on 31 July.

To register, visit our reception team at the UC RecCentre.
Have a great Term 3!