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Uni Pharmacy is open daily

Did you know that the Uni Pharmacy is open daily for all your Pharmaceutical, Gift and Postal needs. You can even post parcels from the pharmacy up to 5kg thorugh NZ Post.

The pharmacy is open Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5.30pm and Friday 9am-5.30pm.

Keep an eye on the Uni Pharmacy Facebook page for any updates.

Insider’s Guide given Te Reo title Tūpono

2017 Insiders Guide Te Reo cropYou may have noticed an addition to the Insider’s Guide masthead. Tūpono is the Māori name for the Insider’s Guide to UC student blog.

Tūpono means to chance upon something, and was chosen to refer to the way people navigate through the blog, from one item of interest to another.

Listen here for an audio clip on how to pronounce Tūpono.

Get paid to take notes

Looking for an opportunity to help fellow students in Semester Two? Disability Resource Service (DRS) is looking to buy high quality lecture notes from students.

These notes will be used by students who experience difficulties taking notes themselves for disability-related reasons.

Get involved

  • Peer notetaking has Co-curricular record (CCR) recognition
  • DRS will pay $8 per set of lecture notes (you essentially get paid to go to lectures).
  • The knowledge that someone else will be using your notes encourages better note-taking, benefiting your study.

How to apply

Taking great notes

In order to be suitable for purchase, notes for most arts lectures need to be taken in Microsoft Word using the template provided by DRS. However, in science/math courses, which include a lot of mathematical symbols, formulas, and graphs (such as physics, chemistry and engineering) the notes can be handwritten and scanned.

Disability Resource Service

Any student enrolled in an assessed course who has a temporary or permanent disability that affects their ability to study is eligible to register with DRS at any stage of the academic year. Register here >