UC Supporters Photos: Crusaders vs Blues

On Friday 17 March, our very own Crusaders took on fierce rivals, The Blues and won 33-24 at AMI Stadium.

Supporting the team to victory were the The Cantabs with a big team of UC supporters cheering the players on and having a truly epic time.

UC supporters started off at The Foundry, did some face painting and took buses to and from the Stadium – check out some of the awesome photos below.

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UC PGSA – Who are we?

UC PGSA is the University of Canterbury Postgraduate Students’ Association. We’re not sure who came up with the name, but they’ve confused a number of us over the years. We’re not actually a students’ association (what?!) but are like every other club on campus affiliated to the UCSA. However what makes us slightly different is that our focus is on postgrads. Y’know – those people who turn up in your lab as demonstrators and say the phrase ‘when I was doing this course’ or ‘when I was an undergraduate’ with a longing you are yet to understand.

PGSA exec

There are 10 of us on the Committee, ranging from Masters to Doctorate, local to Kazakhstan, 21 to 35. We’re pretty friendly (although we’ll always do better after we’ve had a coffee) and are doing our best to understand postgrads and offer services that are of benefit within the areas of socialising, academics and advocacy.

So who actually is a postgrad? Well if you’ve graduated you probably count. But we know it is a bit confusing at UC because some Honours courses are considered postgraduate programmes and some aren’t. So to keep it simple, we consider anyone who is doing a paper at 400 level or above a postgrad, regardless of whether you’re sneakily still undergraduate or not. That means all you Honours students in Engineering and Law – you’re important to us too.

We’re free to join and are always looking for ways to help the postgrad experience, so hit us up (figuratively) if you want to know more. Check us out at www.ucpgsa.org and facebook.com/ucpgsa.

Get involved – make connections

There are lots of ways you can make connections with like-minded people on campus. Here are some of the groups you can join to help you feel part of the UC community and succeed at UC.

  • UniLife is run by students especially for first years. If you are living with family or friends sign up. UniLife run weekly social events and will help you get connected with clubs that are right for you. They also run workshops to help you academically.
  • The mentoring programme is a great way to meet different people from a different country, year or discipline to help ease into life at UC. The programme is available for all students.
  • Learn about language and culture with UC LACE. Meet others with the same interest in culture and languages. LACE is a great foundation for those who would like to do an overseas exchange.
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