During times of Uncertainty it is important to find ways to Keep Learning

Staying curious and engaging with the world around you is a great way to uplift your wellbeing.

  • Pick a question you’ve always wondered about and take some time to look it up.
  • Call your parents or grandparents and ask them questions about life when they were growing up.
  • Research your whakapapa or family tree. Look up stories, myths and legends from different cultures. Discover the name of the iwi, hapu, maunga and awa of the place you live.
  • Download an app like Duolingo and start learning a new language.

Check out the YouTube’s new Learning channel for some inspiration – from BookTube to National Geographic’s playlist, there’s something for everyone.

During Times of Uncertainty It Is Important to Find Ways to Give

Throughout this time, it is important to remember that we are not alone. Connecting with others is important for maintaining a healthy wellbeing, one way we can do this is through the act of giving. It feels good to give and everyone has something to offer.

Here are some ways you can continue to give:

  • Give compliments to others via skype, phone or email.
  • Think of a skill you can offer to others i.e. teach your family how to cook, teach a friend another language or how to play a musical instrument via skype.
  • Let people know you are there to help and tell them what help you go off i.e offer to pick up food for your neighbour when you go shopping.


Kia ora koutou,

UC doors closed at 5pm today, in preparation for the national lockdown, which begins at 11.59pm tonight. There will be no access to campus until at least 23 April.

We know many of you have been preparing yourselves for what will become your new normal over the next four weeks. Please allow yourself the time to do this, we will be in touch with information about resuming online study in due course. Connect into your Learn site for updates next week. 

Stay connected

UC and the UCSA are still here for you. Check out these messages from Professor Cheryl de la Rey Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae and Tori McNoe UCSA President. Tori talks about what the UCSA is moving online (virtual MONO and the Foundry Quiz anyone?), and the VC encourages you to have a break, but stay focused on your academic goals. Watch here>

National lockdown

  • More information about the national lockdown which applies to everyone from 11.59pm tonight is available at www.covid19.govt.nz
  • Visit the UC website (refer to the orange alerts bar at the top of the page) and the Insider’s Guide blog to see the latest information.
  • If you’re remaining in Christchurch or within the halls of residence, essential services, like the Uni Pharmacy and UC Health Centre, will still be available during the lockdown. For everything you need to know to access these services, click here>
  • If any of the following points apply to you, please complete this self-isolation form so UC can support you, and we can help trace any contacts should the need arise. 
      • You have a confirmed case of COVID-19
      • You have had close contact with a suspected OR confirmed COVID-19 case
      • You recently returned to NZ from overseas
      • Your immune system is compromised
      • You are symptomatic/unwell. 

     **You are not required to complete this form if you are self-                     isolating as part of the nationwide lockdown announced by the             Government on 23 March.

  • If you hear of a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst our UC community during the lockdown period, please share this news urgently with our Incident Management Team (IMT) so we can provide support, follow-up and any other required actions. Please contact the EOC IC Mailbox with the following info:
    • Name of the person affected
    • Student or staff ID number (if known)
    • Hall they were/are resident in (if known)
    • Contact details
    • Any other information that will allow us to contact them.

      If possible, please encourage the person affected to complete a             Self-isolation Form

Your wellbeing

The UC Wellbeing team have been sharing regular tips to help us all make our way through this unprecedented time, check out their blogs on Insider’s Guide and Facebook.

  • For tips to help us feel safe, less stressed and less anxious as we prepare to self-isolate, click here>
  • For help in identifying the simple things that spark joy in us, click here>

RecCentre goes online

The RecCentre has the lowdown on how to stay active at home. Physical activity is essential for mental wellbeing so make time in your routine to join a familiar class or try something new.

Yesterday the team recorded 30 pieces of content for online, in four venues – BAT, CORE30, HIIT30, Yoga, Pilates and Pump type workouts, all of varying lengths, with different teachers. And staff have equipment at home to create and upload more workouts!

Find livestreamed and recorded group fitness classes via the UC Rec & Sport YouTube and Facebook Channels. Please be mindful of your current fitness level and any medical conditions you have – start off gently and rest when you need to.

UC Library Services

Most subject librarians are now working from home, offering learning and research support online for students and academic staff as required.   

  • Your loans will be extended, so don’t worry about overdues or fines.
  • Please don’t return your books and items to the library. All returns bins are closed.
  • Explore a range of library resources you can access from home.
  • Contact us by email or live chat.

Read more information here.

How to apply for Financial Hardship support

We understand that the COVID-19 situation is an unusually difficult time for everyone. If you are experiencing financial hardship that will impact on your studies, you may be eligible for financial support.

Students requesting financial support can contact the UCSA Advocacy & Welfare team in the first instance to discuss their situation. The UCSA Advocacy & Welfare team will review your situation and provide advice on the application process. As a general guide, students are eligible to apply for financial support if they can demonstrate that their capacity for continued study may be in jeopardy due to financial hardship. However, as financial support is limited, being eligible does not mean you will be approved for support. Financial support is also not intended as a form of income support and will not be provided to pay for ongoing expenses. Please note that each application is assessed on a case by case basis and has criteria attached to them. 

Finally, we understand this is a time of uncertainty and we are here for you to talk to. We are offering consultations online, so please do make an appointment with the UCSA Advocacy & Welfare team if you are facing financial hardship.


He Waka Eke Noa. We are all in this together.

Rīpeka Tamanui-Hurunui
Incident Controller

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